Chapter 6 Part 2 Please Sign in Blood

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She received a silent message from Garrett that Chris was secured and they were 10 minutes from the pack house. Gia stood up ready to go back to her office and organize some of the paper work when the Alpha's secretary walked in.

"Oh! Omega Gia! I was looking for you." She walked up looking nervous. "I-uh, there is a guest to see Alpha Winters."

Gia's brow furrowed in confusion, "Alpha Winters schedule is clear for the day. Who-"

"It's another Alpha."

"Alpha Joseph? I thought that he was-"

"No... it's a new one....a different one."

"What?! Did we get a call or miss an appointment time? How did the gate not alert us?"

"I don't know. He said his name is Alpha Terrant and it is urgent that he speak to Alpha Winters, immediately."

Gia cursed, 'Of course this would happen along with everything else,' she thought to herself. She sent Alpha Winters a silent message advising them to take the car around back, so she wouldn't be accidentally seen, and alerting her to keep her shades on.

"Okay...okay let's go deal with this." She said shooing the nervous looking secretary out of the office. They walked down the hall to the front lobby, where the impressive specimen of an Alpha stood.

He was medium height and strong built with black glossy hair cut in a choppy short style with dark tan skin. He looked to be of some latino and asian descent. With his dark clothes and features, he had a distinct punk rocker look, however, his eyes gave him away. They were a dark chocolate brown that glinted and flashed as he glanced around the lobby, taking in every detail and making mental notes. Whoever this Alpha was, he did not only give off the impression of raw power but of a high intellect.

He stood by the front desk, ignoring the group of wolves that were slowly gathering on the other side of the room. Most were studying him with apprehensive looks, others were whispering animatedly about him, some of the females were giving appreciative looks, then there were the few who either looked envious or outraged.

Gia glared at the group, sending a mass silent message to the wolves that were gathered. 'Don't you have anything better to do?', she said, some of them jumped and turned red, the others began to immediately disperse once they saw the look on her face.

She then approached the Alpha. "Alpha Terrant. Forgive me, we weren't expecting you. Did you set up an appointment?"

Dark eyes looked Gia up and down, not letting anything get past the blank mask on his face. "No, I do apologize, but the matter I need to speak of is urgent. I require to speak to Alpha Winters as soon as possible."

"Of course, Alpha Winters will be here soon. If you will follow me." She gestured for Alpha Terrant to follow her around the desk to the handsome double doors that lead into the Alpha's library/waiting room. She shut the door behind her and gestured to the elaborate cushy arm chairs. "Please wait here."

Alpha Terrant nodded in approval as he started to walk around the room. Gia was about to leave when he called out to her. "When will he be here?"

Gia paused and turned around a bland smile on her face. This Alpha didn't know, couldn't know if he was referring to Chris as a "he". She made a mental note to make sure to use the correct pronouns, to be honest though the blood pact she made would prevent her from saying anything unintentionally. However, she needed to be careful what she told this Alpha, he seemed to be taking note of everything.

"He is 10 minutes away." Gia said, giving time for Chris to get in her office and situated.

"Okay good. Are you his secretary?"

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