Chapter 6 Part 3 Please Sign in Blood

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Gia grinned as Garrett opened the door and she entered the waiting room, the door snapping shut behind her.

Alpha Terrant was in a state of destruction, as was the room. A table was flipped and a few chairs knocked over. Alpha Terrant was intently ripping up the documents and leather folder. He turned toward her and growled. It was very apparent that he was about to shift, and after looking around the last thing the library needed was to have a giant rampaging wolf in it. 'This is worse than the conference table' she silently said to Garrett on the other side of the door, she could hear his amusement.

"How dare you ask me to sign a blood pact!" He growled prowling towards her, "I have never been more insulted in my-"

"Alpha Winters would not ask you to sign it unless it was absolutely necessary." This wasn't the first time a male Alpha had gone awol in the library, most of the time asking to sign such a personal and binding document could only be done between good friends or as an attempt to stop a war. Never has any pack abused the use of the blood pact like Alpha Winters.

"I will not sign a contract with someone that I have never met."

"Then you will not meet Alpha Winters."

Alpha Terrant blinked, his intelligent eyes were giving way to the dark eyes of his wolf, he was so close to shifting, Gia was looking in concern at the chair he was standing next to, it was Chris's favorite chair to read in.... She would not forgive him if he broke it.

"You have to give me more explanation than that." Alpha Terrant was trying really hard to reign himself in, "You have to-"

"I don't have to do anything. I don't have to explain to you the reasons why. If you want to know then sign it."

"This contract is practically a peace treaty. If I could speak with Alpha Winters, we could rewrite it to fit the circumstance."

"No! I have already explained the one condition to meet with Alpha Winters and that is to sign the contract. There is no other way. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars."

"Do you think this is funny?!" Alpha Terrant growled. He was taking deep breaths, his fists balling up, as he glared at Gia.

Gia grinned, not a fun grin but a dangerous lethal grin, "You are not the first person we have had to kick out of here because they refused to sign."

"What I have to say is too important. I NEED to speak with him."

"Why do you think there is so little known about Alpha Winters and the Winters pack?" Alpha Terrant paused, listening intently, "Alpha Winters has learned the hard way that to protect this pack, certain precautions need to be met."

Alpha Terrants eyes narrowed, starting to look more human, "Like?"

Gia had to stop herself from rolling her eyes, "Secrecy. The reason why no one knows anything about the Winters pack is because they can't say or act on anything they do know."

Alpha Terrants eyes lit up, "You're not- That's insane." He went deathly still, considering what Gia was implying "Are you telling me that everyone has signed a blood pact? The whole Winters pack?"

"I am telling you that no matter how important your information is, Alpha Winters values the packs secrecy more." Gia hissed, "So sign with blood, or get out." It was obvious by her tone that she was done trying to reason with him.

"No. I need him to hear me out. Contract or not." Alpha Terrant started walking toward the door that lead into Alpha Winters office. Gia didn't move as she sent a silent message to both Garrett and Chris. "This is his office." Alpha Terrant said not really asking as he reached out a hand for the door knob.

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