Chapter 10 Part 5 Feminine Wiles

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Alpha Freeman Grunted in irritation."I have no idea what you are implying. I love women!"

"Apparently not all women." Joseph said smirking and throwing Chris a wink.

"Why shouldn't we be a little sexist?" Everyone looked over at Alpha Gray who had his pompous nose in the air. "I mean up until this moment only males have been Alpha."

"How is it possible to be a little sexist?" Said Alpha Black his eyebrows raised. "You are either sexist or you are not."

"I disagree." Said Alpha Freeman pointing his finger at Alpha Black. "Tradition dictates only a male heir should become Alpha."

"Didn't we just go over this?" Said Alpha Woodland looking frustrated.

"There is a difference between tradition and your own personal opinion." Argued Alpha Black glaring back at Alpha Freeman.

Immediately an argument broke out. Alpha Woodland and Alpha Black were ganging up on Alpha Freeman and Alpha Gray. Alpha Hunt who had been quietly listening since his altercation with Terrant, began goading both sides of the argument. Apparently he found it a fun distraction, as he was smirking the whole time. Alpha Amari and Alpha Hernandez were having a side conversation together talking about the current argument going on, and Alpha Intent was creeping farther and farther away from his angry father.

Chris, who was still standing next to Terrant, felt like banging her head against the table. She couldn't believe how often this group got into painfully irrelevant arguments. Not that a conversation about sexism wouldn't be a bad idea, but there where many things that needed to be attended to before this. She was already very annoyed at the Alphas for trying to get her kicked out of the council, and now she felt impending doom just watching the argument become more heated. She glanced at Terrant who was watching the group with a annoyed expression his arms folded tightly across his chest. She heard a yawn emanate from Joseph on her other side as he watched Alpha Black throw a pen across the room, which lodged itself in the wall behind Alpha Gray's head.

Chris was seriously considering backing out of the council when Terrant spoke up. "Okay. Stop! Stop! Stop!" Everyone went quiet. "I do not care. I do not care if you are sexist, prejudice, or leftist. I do not care about your traditions or rules. We are in this council to fight a common enemy, not to make enemies out of each other."

Those who were standing slowly sat down as Terrant continued. "Now on the real subject at hand. Those of you who requested a vote to dismiss Alpha Winters from this council-"

"Yes! Please!" Said Alpha Gray triumphantly. He immediately shut his mouth noticing Terrants glare.

"As I was saying, Alpha Gray and Alpha Freeman signed the blood contract understanding that Alpha Winters would be included as well, therefore your consent was implied."

"But-" said Alpha Freeman looking slightly crazy and desperate.

"It doesn't matter either way Alpha Freeman." Terrant opened the black leather folder infront of him and tossed it to the middle of the broken table. The blood contract was open for all to see and there at the bottom of the page, over the typed name 'Alpha Chris Winters,' was a curly signature and a dark red thumb print next to all the other signatures. Chris hadn't realized until now that Terrant had slipped the folder away from her. "There is no reason to further insult Alpha Winters by suggesting she leave the council. She has already signed the document." Alpha Freeman and Alpha Gray had shocked and slightly constipated looks on their faces. Suddenly Alpha Terrant smiled, "That is the face."

Alpha Gray turned toward Joseph, "That can't be right!"

Joseph raised his eyebrows and glanced up at Chris. "Why are you asking me? When you have an expert in blood contracts right in front of you." He motioned toward Chris who was trying her hardest to keep her face straight.

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