Chapter 7 part 1 Thank you for insulting the help!

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Terrant threw his jacket across his room and furiously sat on his bed, pulling off his leather shoes and sending them across the room with a loud thump. 'How could you be so abrasive! Especially in a different packs land. You almost forced us to shift in that library.'

'They wanted a blood pact. How could we not be offended?' His wolf growled back. Terrant knew his wolf was proud but they had agreed, beforehand, that he would handle the human side of these negotiations, and now they probably lost all possible chance of the Winters Pack support.

Terrant put his head in his hands trying to block out a headache that was threatening to become a migraine. Werewolves don't normally get sick or have human ailments, however, this headache was from attempting to suppress his wolf in the library. He considered himself lucky that they made it out of there with only a few broken chairs and a table.

He reopened the connection, 'He deserved it!' His wolf sneered at him, 'Doesn't he know what is going on! If that Alpha had known what was happening then he would have met us immediately.' Terrant ignored the slurry of angry remarks that his wolf was barking at him, allowing him to vent as he started taking off his clothes, opening his closet he quickly grabbed a pair of dark grey sweats and a black t-shirt. His wolf kept prattling on as he put on his clothes, tennis shoes and grabbed his workout bag. He left his suite slamming the door behind him, and started heading downstairs to the pack houses gym. The anxiety in his chest building as his wolf continued to snarl in his head, he stopped at the bottom of the staircase gripping the railing as his headache pounded.

He closed his eyes and snarled back at his wolf, who immediately quieted, 'Because you reacted instead of talking things through with me, you might have cost us this war. The Winters pack is essential to win this war, and now without them the casualty's will be-' He paused trying to get a hold of his rampaging emotions, 'You may think that you acted in righteous anger, but in reality it was your pride, and no way does that change the situation we are in. So thank you for insulting the one person who stands between us and extermination!' Terrant closed his connection with his wolf and opened his eyes. It was evening in the pack house, most everyone was outside doing evening training. Terrant considered joining them but then shrugged it off. He didn't need to possibly injured anyone because he was in a bad mood.

He continued down the right hallway to the indoor gym. The gym was large, almost the size of a football field. In the middle were weight machines and a sparing ring, and raised above the training equipment was a running track. Most wolves liked to use the training facility outside, because it allowed for more training in wolf form. However, the gym was made for those rainy days, and training the younger wolves in conditioning.

All the training equipment was specially made for wolves in their human form. Depending on the wolf they can possess 3 to 10 times the strength of a human. They also live longer, the wolf's aging will slow down in their mid to late 20's and eventually stop, at least until a wolf has found their mate. Once a wolf finds their mate the aging process starts again, although it is considerably slower compared to humans.
Terrant walked in nodding at the gym overseer at the desk and walking up the stairs to the suspended track. He started walking around the track to warm up, eventually he began jogging, noting that only a few people were working out in the gym, mostly females.

The females in his pack were allowed to do conditioning sessions, but could not join the pack military. He shook his head at the thought; as he continued to increase his speed. The other hush-hush reason the pack council agreed to the gym being built is so it would stop the women complaining that they couldn't join the military. Terrant has gone to the council 3 times with the proposal to allow women to be trained in the military, everytime he gets a little bit closer, but still no getting past the old traditions. Thinking about it now just fuels his anger as he stops his warm up jog and starts doing wind sprints.

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