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Terrant quickly went back to his room, stripping his clothes he hopped in the shower and doused himself with evergreen body wash. He closed his eyes as he enjoyed the warm water and the woodsy smell. Then the thought of having to tell Joseph and Ian about the embarrassing failure at the Winters pack came back to mind. It made his stomach twist with anxiety. 'What are we going to do?' He thought to himself as his wolf sent him thoughts of comfort. No matter how much him and his wolf disagree, they always agree on one thing and that is to protect their pack. He shook the thoughts from his head and focused on getting himself clean. He didn't want to stay in the shower for so long that Joseph would come to check on him. He can only stand so many of Joseph's awkward sexual jokes.

Once he scrubbed himself clean and rinsed all of the soap off, he climbed out of the shower and towelled off. "Terrant?!" He heard a voice from his bedroom, of course it was Joseph. "Ian is going to have a panic attack if you don't come out soon." Terrant could hear Joseph going through his stuff on his shelves.

"Don't touch anything!" He yelled through the bathroom door, then he started muttering as he started putting on fresh clothes, "stupid meddling wolf can't even wait 10 minutes."

"I can hear you!" Joseph called out, "And it was closer to 20 minutes. To be honest I would have been fine waiting for you, but your Beta is such a worry wort. It kills the vibe. Poor Peter has already gone to the bathroom 7 times in the last 2 hours. I was worried he might have developed a seriously tiny bladder, but apparently it was to get a little peace from your anxious Beta."

Terrant opened the bathroom door to find Joseph laying on his bed, flipping through one of the books that was on his bedside table. He rolled his eyes at Joseph as he used the towel to dry his hair. "There's absolutely no privacy when you come over."

Joseph jumped up from the bed, "You look lovely darling, now can we go? I think your Beta needs to go for a run, or a massage, or coitis." Joseph opened the bedroom door and Terrant walked out, tossing his towel over his shoulder into the dirty clothes bin.

He heard a gasp as they both walked out into the hall. Two females were holding towels and staring at him and Joseph in horror as they exited the bedroom. He was confused until he saw the mischievous smirk on Joseph's face. He was about to explain when they both turned and hurried down the hall. "Great, now I will be called in front of the council." He turned on his heel and headed to his office.

Joseph chuckled as he followed him down the hall. "We would have a lovely wedding full of rose petals and blue silk!"

Terrant ignored him as he pulled his office door open. Ian was pacing around his desk, muttering to himself. Peter, Joseph's Beta, was at the long conference table, sending concerned glances at Ian. As soon as they walked in Peter looked relieved and Ian rushed forward.

"How did it go? Did you meet with him?" Ian said.

Joseph went to sit next to his Beta while Terrant ushered Ian into a seat across from them. "How long have you been in here Ian?"

"He has been here since you left for your last meeting." Peter said as he pushed a few documents before Terrant.

"I am fine. I was just worried that your last meeting didn't go well, because you only go to the indoor gym when you are trying to work off steam."

Peter cocked his head, as though he now understood Ian's crazy behavior. Peter was a good looking wolf with impeccable taste, like his Alpha. He was Joseph's cousin and the family resemblance was obvious; the only difference was his light brown hair with light blue eyes.

Joseph leaned back in his chair and pulled his feet up on the conference table. "So who got your boxers in a twist this time?"

Terrant sighed, resolved to just get the embarrassing story over with, he started riffling through the paperwork in front of him as he said, "Alpha Winters." He heard a thump and looked up to find Joseph's feet had fallen off the desk. Joseph and Peter were looking at him with their mouths open, "What?"

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