ClaireKann Presents: #FatGirlMagic Book Two Update!

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Hey, everyone!

These are some excerpts from the Currently Untitled Book Two draft of my #FatGirlMagic duology. Slow and steady like the turtle I am, I've been writing and trying to recapture the joy that I felt while writing the first book. There's no guarantee that these threaded excerpts will end up in the final book, but this is where I'm at right now. I wanted to share small bits with you all so you could see the direction the story is going in.

Hang in there—don't give up on me just yet.


Daisy had to give it to her dad. He had far more furniture than she thought he would in their new house. Theirs—because she had every intention of living in that house one day with its cute little backyard and giant tree in the front yard. He sat at the kitchen table reading a book. His breakfast was mostly untouched, but he had already drunk his usual glass of orange juice and had moved on to a second.

Concentrating, Daisy closed her eyes and balled her hands into fists. "See me," she said. Astral projection allowed her to go wherever she wanted in time and space, but she might as well have been a ghost to him. "See me."

She cracked one eye open.

Her dad turned the page of his book.

"Damn it." She tilted her head back, sighing at the ceiling. "Hi, Dad. I came to visit again. I love you."

--Attempt #17: He didn't even look up.


Something tickled between Daisy's eyebrows. She swatted it away with more force than necessary. She was sleeping, damn it.

"Ow. Be gentle with me Daisy, my Daisy."

Her eyes flew open. Connor's face slowly came into focus inches from hers. "We talked about this." She groaned and pretended to try to kick him off of her bed. She wasn't mad. Just cranky. Extremely so. She missed her dad and could feel herself reaching a frustrated, volatile limit.

"About what?" he asked.

"Personal space." She threw an arm over her eyes to block out the light. He'd opened the curtains—why?

"We live together—"

"In a gigantic castle and yet here you are, in my room, without permission. Get out."

"—and I have done nothing but respect your wishes since you made them clear to me. However, did we not also agree that emergencies would render that agreement temporarily null and void?"

"Emergency?" She sat up in bed on high alert, searching him for any signs of injury. He'd already dressed in a simple black suit with a pale blue button-up shirt. Perfectly relaxed, he rolled a feather between his thumb and forefinger. He seemed fine. "What emergency?" He didn't even look mildly distressed.

"Your alarm has been blaring for ten minutes. I was worried."

Daisy exhaled. "Oh—oh my god. I'm sorry." She rubbed her face. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

"Are you not feeling well?"

"I'm fine. Just tired. And sorry. I didn't even hear it."

"You didn't?"

She shook her head. "I wasn't around."

"Ah." A fake smile appeared on his face.

On nights when she planned to astral project, she locked her door, the windows and both secret passageways—one behind the mirror and the other under her bed—to help keep her body in an unmurdered state while she flounced around the spirit plane. Only Connor had the keys to get in.

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