Shifa_sarguru Presents: The Truth About Writing & Other Things

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Shifa_sarguru Presents: The Truth About Writing & Other Things

Hello there, I am Shifa; I've been on Wattpad for two years and I've written a lot of books in that time period—some never got to see the light, some got partially completed and only two got to see the end. So, I ran a poll and most votes were for the topic "Writing" so here it goes.



Everyone is different—I think this is the most applied rule you can hear out there. One technique might work for you but not for others. You might love to hear readers say "UPDATE UPDATE" others might feel it a burden and some might want the readers to actually comment something as they don't get any response. (The last one is me on my current book)

Think it this way—what color do you like? What genre you like? Which KPOP group you stan or don't like KPOP at all? [KPOP fans comment your favorite groups. I need more names. ]

Everyone has entirely different choices so expecting that something that worked for so and so author will work for you too or going by one set of rules will make you a better writer is not good. In the end, WHAT YOU NEED IS to know what works for you and what not. Try a bunch of different things; see what works for you and keep on switching your methods.


A big emphasis on this word, now this applies to not only writing but everything you'll do, you will have major setbacks and nothing will go your way and you'll be like "I'M DONE." But no, YOU'RE NOT. When you start something, failure is inevitable. If you get everything easily will never teach you something, if you haven't seen the storms you can't enjoy the sunny side of life.

But all these quotes are forgotten. We give up and the world becomes a heavy burden on our shoulders and this happens to everyone. And that's OK. YOUR PROBLEMS AND INSECURITIES ARE IMPORTANT HOWEVER SMALL THEY SEEM COMPARED TO OTHERS. If anything affects you even a bit, it's important.

I've said this before on my feed too. I'm always here for anyone who wants to talk—not in the Wattpad DMS because well they aren't the best place to talk. But you can come to me anytime anywhere if you need to rant, complain or talk or need advice or anything. If it gets hard, just talk about it.


Keep on updating your chapters regularly even if you don't get any votes or reads. WHY? Because along the way you'll get attention of at least one valuable reader, this is what I did and do with my books and if even one good reader finds my book and appreciates it, I feel happy.

Now, here's the tough part—we all want the million votes and reads but for some reason even if recognition is important, I don't want anyone to get recognition before they are mentally and skill wise prepared. Because if you get a large following there are people who will try their best to pull you down and there are a lot of things like EXPECTATIONS. You'll be able to tackle these but it will take a toll on your mental status. There's a simple quote my mother always says, "Even though we might not feel like it, everything that happens has a good reason behind it." Hence, you should always aim for bigger things but also don't give up because you don't have something right now.


There are two things to remember, first other's opinions are important and second they are not the verdict of a judge. As a writer or someone who creates something—criticism is vital. That is how you'll grow. You need to accept other's opinions too. But on the other hand, you shouldn't listen to their views too much either. They are not geniuses and even if they are, this is your work so in the end you have to decide how you're going to write and what you're going to write. But always keep an open mind and let many views flow in and then decide.


We are a community. We should connect more than just 'HEY, can you read my new book? OH, I love your profile btw." Now I hate to break it down to you, even if I read your book and like it—I would prefer you to not do this. This is the worst way of trying to get someone to read your book.

You can't talk to everyone and obviously some don't feel like talking. I didn't at first. That's where twitter comes. It changed me completely. I developed a voice and I get it if you can't manage to have another social platform but if you can try. Try to follow Wattpad authors and readers over there, people you genuinely want to talk and for the love of god, DON'T BE WORRIED ABOUT THE NUMBER OF FOLLOWERS YOU HAVE.

It's a place where you'll meet people and that won't happen until you take that nagging old voice that says "Oh I follow 10 people and I have 1000 followers, Wow." That's not an achievement—having good people who will help and inspire you; having just a limited quantity of these people is an achievement.

6. GENRE HOPPING: [Credits to @hepburnettes for this wonderful advice]

Genre hopping is a key element when you are a writer. I started writing a teen fic+mystery, switched to romance (didn't work for me), then wrote a mafia+short story. It's Faye was a success. And now I'm writing a science fic+mystery/thriller superhero book, AVANTE.

All this in the span of two years because I wanted to know what I'm best at and what doesn't work for me and it all started with Noelle's post about genre hopping. I did genre hopping even before that but after reading her post, I was like it's a great thing to do. It's a hard thing to do especially when people start expecting a particular type of content from you. But it's one thing every writer should do, every brave writer. You'll have to research a lot, rewrite, edit (isn't that our lives summed together write, rewrite, edit?) but you'll love it. You'll learn a lot and it will help you find out which genre suits you the most.

Do comment your views about this post and I would be grateful if you'd check out my works.


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