kayxcxxo Presents: Let's Get Personal

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kayxcxxo Presents: Let's Get Personal

I'm not very good at coming up with any good ideas for when it comes to events such as these but as the oh so lovely Elsa sings with such passion in the gif above, I decided to just let all my worry for this go and roll with it.

SO, hola mi amigos! My name is Kaylina and welcome to my Wattpad Block Party post! I'm amazed at the fact that some of you are reading this because I'm beyond awkward and there's no hope for me so beware forswear for there shall be some fumbling ahead!

As I said already, I'm not the greatest when it comes to making sensible decisions but after some thinking, I thought I could try something different from my earlier Wattpad Block Party post in August. Instead of a character interview, I went the complete opposite and am......



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I'm sorry, I'm sorry, okay?! Not very much anticipating but c'mon, this is actually something I can see myself going through with. Besides, I'm a freak so there might be parts where you'll laugh or be shocked so there's that.

Now, without further ado ...


When I first joined Wattpad, it was more out of boredom and in dire need of something to read since I was (and still am) too broke to buy an actual book. There wasn't any interest of going on here to share my writing nor was I here to support a friend of mine like a lot of other users on this site. I had no friends at the time so there is that. Shoutout to the friends I have right now, I have no idea why you guys are still here with me but welp, life is full of surprises I guess.

I'm thankful for you guys but I'm also just surprised so...yah.

ANYWAYS, when I made my first account (hence on first, don't know if anyone's going to bother to ask about it), I binged on really anything. I was a shy and quiet 13-year old who just wanted to read and so I hardly commented on anything and when I did....ugh, just remembering the comments I made, I cringe.

Basically, I came a long way from my pre-teen days and as much as it's hard for me to believe it, it's true. I went from this silent reader with no one to talk to to someone who just can't keep their mouth shut (or in this case, my fingers away from the keyboard) with a group of friends who make me happy.

So for any of you newbies out there, there is a lot of hope for you guys. Wattpad right now isn't exactly where any of us would like for it to be but there's a whole community of people that you can talk to and support so do it! Don't be a quiet potato (a beautiful one at that) and instead, be a delicious french fry!

That doesn't make any sense but okay.

I don't know exactly where my interest in writing popped up but what I definitely know is that it started somewhere among the loads of stories I read. There was this spark of 'what if?' and 'just imagine' and I came up with my first story.

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