XantheRowds Presents: How To Make A Simple Cover

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Hi all! Xan here! It's my first time ever getting featured so I'm kinda freaking out. Since a lot of you have been asking me on how I make my simple covers so I decided to create my post for today on how to make a simple cover for your stories because I'm that generous.

The cover I'll be explaining and it's procedures is the image below:

The cover I'll be explaining and it's procedures is the image below:

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It looks very simple and trust me, it's not that hard to make a simple cover. It's honestly text slapped with a simple font.

I created this cover using Photoshop but it's not necessary for you to have it to make glorious covers. You can either use Pixlr or Canvas. They're really good editing softwares/apps.

Now the next step is where we all struggle;

Where do I get pictures/images from?

There's alot of resources out there like DevaintArt or Unsplash but Pinterest is my baby. I'm on Pinterest 24/7 and it's my addiction right now lmao but anyway, you need to search for a really good image.

I use simple keywords like 'blood, hand/lips, girl crying, etc.' for my covers and I'm sure you can do the same for yours.

Once you've found the perfect image, you need to search a good font but the font I used for the cover above is a font called 'Times New Roman' that's already available on all editing softwares I believe so no hard work is required.

Times New Roman font honestly goes with anything. If you aren't sure what font to use, use this.

Here's some font I can recommend for your graphics;

- Times New Roman

- Assassin

- Bebas

- Timeless [use this all the time]

- Keep Calm

- Code

- Emanuela

- Brotherhood

- Sanies Script

- And the list goes on.

You can get resources from;

- Pinterest

- Unsplash

- DeviantArt

- Pixabay

- Google [duh]

- Flickr, etc.

Once you've found your font, please do remember to place it correctly on the cover[ex; at the center] and not out of it or somewhere it's not visible at all.

You then can pretty much change the colour and do some retouch for a better result and that's it. Yup. That's all from me and I hope this was somehow was helpful to any of you and if not, well then I just wasted an hour of my life for nothing.

This was short but was it worth my time? Yes it was and thanks to Kelly for featuring my pathic bottom! I love you right now!

I almost forgot to mention. I'll be giving three stock depositphotos, two PSD colourings and a recreate of your cover of your choice from me to three lucky winners! My giveaway is open internationally!

Thanks. Stay awesome folks!

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