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Hi. I am Sarah Royal. Firstly, I would like to thank KellyAnneBlount for giving me this great opportunity to be featured in this winter's Wattpad block party this February. Please check out her work. She is an amazing author. I recommend start with "Snowed In" book first if horror is not your cup of tea for now. She once entered the TNT contest with her book called the dentist and her promo on Facebook for her book said "Are you afraid of the dentist." Well I took a look at the cover and saw the TNT label and I said; "I am now Kelly Anne. I am now". I would like to take the chance to highlight how humble Kelly Anne is and how in touch she is with everyone on social media engaging her fans. She is an author worth following and a role model for her passion for helping other authors and engaging readers in the wattpad community which I respect very much. We authors and readers are all in this together... We learn from each other.

Now let's start my post by introduction to why I am here

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Now let's start my post by introduction to why I am here. It's by pure luck believe it or not. This is my second time here. My first time was in August's summer block party. Both times I have been featured in this party I never had the courage to apply. First time round my name came out in the giveaway for people who won a spot in the next Wattpad block party and second time round I became one of the winners of the biggest fan contest. Otherwise I never had the confidence to apply to be featured in this party.

Last time I shared my Wattpad journey and included a deleted scene of one of my books, Her Heart, His Obsession That is . This time I would like to share with you a scene from my upcoming book dedicated to one of the characters in my book "A Mob Boss's First Love" (see trailer on top by abirrosa2) . The scene is about snacia and Emanuelle who are childhood sweethearts. I write action, romance and teenage plots. This particular book would be about teenagers and young adults.

Enjoy this scene from a chapter called "Teenage Thrills & Games". Itis about 1950s high school age kids who happen to be sons and daughters of crime lords in New York. 

Snacia Giovanni was sitting in her room playing the piano

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Snacia Giovanni was sitting in her room playing the piano. Playing the piano was her release from her daily teenage life. She pressed the keys hard as though each stroke could cause damage to those who wronged her. She despised the powerful males in her life who underestimated her. She was fourteen now. Not too young to understand what was happening in her crime family. She vowed to herself to rise above her brother Sergio. She was of Giovanni blood and was going to act like it.

As she was deep in thought, Sancia in that state of course she was not hearing the noises in her room. Her eyes were closed too so she did not see the intruder behind her. Suddenly she found herself feel cold as the winter air filled the room. She stopped playing and turned to the window to see its open and almost screamed as she saw Emanuelle O'Neil smiling as he was leaning to the wall next to the window. He had his hands in his pockets watching her silently.

Sancia put her hand on her heart "What is wrong with you?" She then walked to the window.

Emanuelle looked at her as she was closing the window "Oh, so you don't mind me staying here? I thought you would push me out of the window to die. Instead you close the window as an invitation for me to stay."

Sancia turned to him after closing the window "Don't tempt me Emanuelle. You are a die hard arrogant big headed irish...."

Emanuelle interrupted " I am almost Italian. I tell everyone call me by my middle name because you prefer Emanuelle to Terrence. Isn't that enough to show my loyalty to your Italian roots for now? I am an honorary Italian."

Sancia walked to Emanuelle "How did you get in my house? My father will kill you."

Emanuelle said "Ah. You care if I die."

Sancia said "Not really."

Emanuelle said "Oh, you do. Otherwise you would have pushed me out of the window."

Sancia gave him a dark smile as she put her hands on her hips "Actually. Maybe I prefer it if my father shoots you. Besides you climbed up three storeys up to see me. I would like to know to what I owe this pleasure to before I ask my father to kill you."

Emanuelle said "I missed you."

Sancia said "Nonsense."

Emanuelle said "I also came to give you this." He then reached into his pocket and took out a piece of paper and handed it to Sancia.

Sancia took the folded paper and asked "What is this? Your will?"

Emanuelle chuckled "No. Read it."

Sancia sighed and unfolded the piece of paper. After she read it she looked up "It's a challenge from Anna Rosario. I can't come tonight. In case you haven't noticed this place is under lock down because my father is on a business trip while I am stuck here. I can't leave this entire weekend. You knew that already. This is like a ghost town here. No one enters and no one leaves until my father comes home with his men."

Emanuelle said "That's fantastic. So no one sees you when I take you. I brought you a personal invitation from Anna Rosario so you can't refuse it. Everyone is there. Let's go." He then grabbed her hand.

Sancia huffed "They will shoot you." She let him lead her outside. She trusted Emanuelle. But it didn't mean he agreed with his crazy methods. He was mental.

Emanuelle opened the door of her bedroom and lead her patiently down the corridors "Its under control. I did occupy your people outside. No one will be checking on the back door."

Sancia asked "What have you done?"

Emanuelle lead her through the staircase to the back door "I may have set fire to your father's favourite car. Your mother is downstairs making phone calls to see if she can express order a new one before your father gets home. You see it was your uncle on duty today guarding the garage. Tough luck."

Sancia gasped "I will tell my father it was you."

Emanuelle opened the back door and said "Let's run."

As the two ran to the other side of the road Emanuelle said "You won't tell on me. I know you won't."

Sancia huffed "Try me."

They walked through a shortcut to where the challenge was. Sancia found herself in an enclosed park that Emanuelle O'Neil's father owned. It was a piece of land that was unused. They were going to race around the land. The land had a lake, old Irish style castle, forest and a maze. It was perfect for a theme park. Last year Francesco Rosario won the race for the boys and his cousin Anna won for the girls. Sancia really wanted to win this year and she didn't mind becoming grounded if her parents found out she was out of bed that night. In fact it was the thrill of the night. No one told their parents where they were that night. They were sons and daughters of criminals free for one night with no guards to watch them. It was a typical hobby for them to do in the 1950s style of thrill seeking.

They were going to meet at the lake by the looks of it. Sancia could see the fire burning. Emanuelle muttered "Damn it. Francesco is first to get here. I guess distracting the guards at your house was a factor in slowing me down. Your place was surrounded by guards. An entire army was guarding your mansion."

Sancia said "You didn't have to come get me you know. I never asked you to. I told you my house is well guarded tonight. By the way how can you recognise Francesco from too far away?"

Emanuelle shrugged "I am just observant."

As they got closer, Sancia noticed Francesco walking towards them with a smile "Hey." He was only looking at Emanuelle of course. He then sprinted to Emanuelle and tackled him to the floor and the two boys started wrestling while laughing.

Sancia crossed her arms over her chest and shook her head watching you "Immature hoodlooms."

Francesco stopped laughing and got up first "Who did just talk? Did someone talk?" He then turned to Sancia "Oh, it's the party crashes." He offered his hand to Emanuelle to get up "Why did you bring her?"

Emanuelle said "Because she is my girl. Do you have a problem?"

Francesco said "Always Terrence Emanuelle. Always."

Emanuelle said "Don't say my first name. Say my middle name. Sancia likes it better."

Francesco sighed "Anything else you wish for?"

Emanuelle said "Do you have any Irish cream?"

Francesco said "No. I have sweetcorn and marshmallows only. This is an all American night, Emanuelle." He then looked at his watch "The others are abit late."

Emanuelle said "You are too early. They are not late Francesco."

Sancia stood next to Emanuelle "Francesco is a show off. He always wants to be first."

Francesco chuckled "Thanks for the compliment Sancia. That's the nicest thing you have ever said to me. Keep it up. If you are sweet to me I won't be tempted to throw you in the cold lake. Last year Emanuelle and Sergio stopped me. This year I won't be stopped. Watch what you say to me." He then looked past her "Oh, looks like your big brother is here Sancia. I can see him coming. Costanzo, Anna, Georgio and Georgina ..."

Sancia gasped "How did Sergio get out of the house?"

Emanuelle said "I suppose he is not as law abiding as you. I had to force you out of the house. At least you are third to get here."

Francesco said " So Emanuelle. Are you ready to roll. Heads or tails."

Emanuelle turned to him "Heads."

Francesco threw a coin in the air and then watched it as it hit the ground. The game was just about to begin.

 The game was just about to begin

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Thank you for reading this scene. Teenage drama is my passion and I would like to write more teenage books in upcoming years. This is a extract of a side story that I haven't published on my profile yet. For getting to know the characters please read A Mob Boss's First Love "The first book in the series."

Please participate in my giveaway: I will giveaway a one chapter comment or dedication to 3 lucky winners. My giveaway is open internationally. 

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