Kaznav Presents: Creative Worldbuilding

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First, before we begin, I would like to thank KellyAnneBlount for this opportunity. I also want to thank all my followers and friends that I found and relate to on here. You guys give me so much support and I want to hug you all.

So what up, dirty spoons, it's me Reni, just another fantasy writer that likes to dabble on sinning and dead memes. As if you don't know already, I'm the author of several dark and low fantasy books, Magpie Hearts, Tales of the Braided Fox, and These Hungry Dogs. Yeah, these kind of things.

Before I even start or begin writing, I was out making designs and video editing, it's a hobby of mine when I'm bored or just tired, I just don't think I'm really made to write and looking back at my old works made me wonder what the heck was I even thinking.

But I haven't became a fantasy writer and it's a long journey of genre-hopping before I found a perfect, and satisfying outcome in my writing. I used to write a lot of science-fiction and urban fantasy, and some of them are extremely old and cringe-worthy. Even as of now, I still don't think I'm a flawless writer and unpublished quite a few books on Wattpad. Not to mention, I'm a nomad when it comes to finding a place to put my work online and I haven't found out Wattpad if it wasn't my lazy ass telling me to do so.

Fast forward 10 months, here I am with a post and my first ever Wattpad Block Party. Should I be screaming? Heck yeah, I am.



The first thing that a fantasy writer must always know by heart, new or experienced, must know of the term world-building. It's an essential or backbone of any fantasy books. It's more than bread and butter, or peanut and jelly on bread, or just bread. Salt and pepper, oatmeals in cookies...okay you get the point. Trying to get your readers to read your fantasy book while establishing the world is quite a daunting task. A lot of writers fall into a trap of massive info-dumping and really slows down the plot. And almost ninety percent of the time, a lot of these world-building points falls apart or doesn't even make sense. Perhaps it could lead to extra information that's unnecessary to the general plot.

While world-building is fun and you have the power to use your imagination, you ask yourself, how can you put all these information and toss it into your book without making critical errors? How can you write and world-build at the same time without the readers reading a huge block of text about the world? I may have missed a few burning questions or stuff but...yeah.

Well, the answer is easy, and with a few simple tips, you can flawlessly create an immersive reading experience for your fellow Wattpad readers.


But wait, you just said info-dump is bad, right? Pfft, no and yes. Honestly, while info-dumping have a good purpose as to world-build but you still had to look for signs or reminders. Let's just say, your characters are heading somewhere relevant to the plot or just frolicking around mindlessly and stumbled upon a important place or object, or whatever it is, what do you do?

A normal person would avoid such info-dumping and just briefly glance it before they write the next part. A crazy person like me would info-dump, info-dump. Not enough block of text? Put more words, and more words. When I mean words and text, I mean use them expressively. You should ask yourself, how should a writer weaved these two together while it's still relevant? Ask yourself what is the character doing at the moment? Or they gazing upon an object or just interacting with another character?

Always questioned yourself before you start to dump a block of text down, and it that way you can established a clear connection to your character's actions through using background information on the setting or history.

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