Mxrleyy presents : Ways to Overcome Writer's Block

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Mxrleyy presents : Ways to Overcome Writer's Block

Hi guys! I'm Marley, also known as Mxrleyy here on wattpad, and I'm so happy to be participating in this! For this edition I'll be sharing my technique's to getting out of that nasty rut that we call writers block. Most things you read on the internet are the same, so I spiced mine up a bit and I hope you enjoy!

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Writer's block...we've all been through this once or twice. The unwelcoming feeling of dryness in your brain, like a drought on a hot summer day. It's a weird concept, how you can just wake up one morning and realize that you've completely run out of ideas and don't actually want to write.

I can't even begin to count how many times writers block has struck me and it's stressful each time because I feel like I'm letting down my readers. I want to update my story to entertain them, but how can I do that when there are no ideas flowing through my head and I don't want to write a disappointing chapter?

I, myself, used to spend time after time searching on how to get my creative juices flowing again, but nothing seemed to be working.

Fortunately for me, and you, I have come across ways to help ease away the dryness and start to run ideas through my brain. Before we continue on, writers block is different for everyone and I'm sure some people will have a harder time overcoming it, so I can't promise that these will work for you specifically, but my goal is to certainly try and give you some ideas.

First off is obviously watching tv shows or movies. I wouldn't recommend your favorite movies, as you know exactly what happens and I feel like that doesn't spark a special flame, but rather movies you haven't seen yet. Don't know what to watch? Ask your friends or family! Ask your parents for their favorite 80's movies or what your friends are obsessing over. Now obviously you shouldn't go copying everything from the movie, but movies/tv give you a special idea on what you could possibly do with your characters. There might be a certain dramatic scene and a random line may be said that sparks a little something something in your mind. When that happens I suggest writing it down because no matter how many times you tell yourself you won't forget, you will forget; speaking from experience.

Another thing you can do is search up drawings on tumblr, Pinterest, google, etc. I know it sounds a bit weird, but if you search up certain drawings that connect with your story, you'd be amazed with what can be shown. Say your story has something to do with humor, maybe search up funny drawings or ridiculous drawings. I know you're probably looking at the screen wondering what I'm babbling about, but drawing is something special. As I said before, some things aren't for everyone, but if you have a special like for the taste of art, I definitely suggest this.

Third thing is searching up quotes. I personally like to go up on Pinterest and search up inspiring quotes or anything that relates to what my story or scene is like. There are so many quotes out there and the amount of times quotes have helped me out of my dry rut is still surprising. Quotes specifically have one or two lines about a certain topic, but what's cool is that the topic could suddenly give you an idea for a whole chapter. You'll read the quote and suddenly want to expand on it, creating a beautiful masterpiece all the while getting out of that stubborn writers block. Quotes are my favorite as I usually come up with a bunch of scenarios in my head, placing my members from the book I'm writing into the scene. It's a great way to spark up some energy in your head while coming up with new ideas.

Fourth idea is taking something that has happened to you or someone you know and placing it in a book. It doesn't have to reference each point of what happened, but maybe if you fixed it up a little you can have a good plot. Since it would be from a personal experience, you have more room to expand on the idea and you could possibly change the outcome of what happened into the way you wished it had happened. I've put so much of my past experiences' into my stories that I've lost track and most people don't catch onto it because I change the ending into how I wished it had happened. I've come to find that this is also very therapeutic and if you're having somewhat of a rough time just write your life differently and share it with others; you might be surprised to find how much people actually enjoy it.

Fifth and final option is watching edits. Have a celebrity you're crushing on? Search up an edit of them on YouTube! When people create edits of people or things, they don't just focus on those main points, but rather expand the edit into a storyline. They can take different scenes from movies that actors took part of or take scenes from music videos to collide them into one huge edit. They'll add their own context to create a concept that is surprisingly beautiful. I've had some of my stories inspired by edits and it's so fun to watch that edit come alive within your book! But, make sure you're not copying it word from word because that my friends is what we call plagiarism; that's a big no no.

Anyways, that's all of the options that I have for overcoming writer's block! We all know it's not an easy thing to surpass and it sometimes takes months for you to finally conquer it, but I hope that these ideas can somewhat help your ideas flowing again. I'm certainly not a professional but it's what helps me, and if what helps me helps you, then I'm perfectly fine with dropping my secrets. I sincerely hope you guys will try these out and I hope you all have a wonderful day or night! 

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