LAUGHANDJOY Presents: Pestilention Character Interview + NEW BOOK REVEAL

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LAUGHANDJOY Presents: Pestilention Character Interview + NEW BOOK REVEAL

3:43 AM. I had entered the room, which only had a simple couch and some awkwardly dimmed lighting, at 12:00. I was expecting to meet up with the cast, get the interview over with, and get at least a couple hours of sleep in before writing the next day. But nooo. There I was, alone at 3:43 AM with nothing to do but wait. I sighed and sank into the black leather. At this rate, I didn't think that they were going to show up.

"Where are they?" I asked a man who had been guarding the door. His shades covered his eyes, but I could tell that he was drifting to sleep by the way his body was nearly falling over. Once he heard my voice, his head snapped, and he rubbed his bald head anxiously.

"Not sure, ma'am," the man replied. "My partners were supposed to grab them a while ago."

Great, they're late. At a time like this. I sprawled my body on the couch and closed my eyes. They won't be here for a little while. Might as well get some sleep.

Knuckles rattled against the door, causing me to slip away from my slumber. I sat up and smoothed my hair. As drowsy as I felt, a feeling of anger was also filling my chest. And it only got greater as the three figures entered the room.

"Do you realize how late you three are?" I snapped.

Aster, who was leading, turned red. "Sorry, we stopped for coffee."

"And there were a couple people that stopped us along the way," Kat added.

I shook my head. They all sat on the couch. Aster and Kat rested close together to make room for Tilly, who sat on the very end. I wasn't sure why they were trying to make so much room. The girl was so small that she could fit in a jar.

Once they all got comfortable, I started to chew them out again. "You guys don't understand how important this interview is. People are actually going to be seeing you all for once, we have to make a good first impression."

They mumbled their apologies. I released a long breath and slid my fingers through my hair. I had calmed down by then and began to gather up my note cards. "Alright, I have a couple questions to ask you guys."

"Go for it," Aster replied.

"Let's start with the easy question," I said. "Would you three describe yourselves to our new audience?"

Kat nodded. "I'm Kat Parsons, the main protagonist of the story. I was entered into the Pestilention involuntarily and had to run it with Aster, Ed, and Tilly by my side. I haven't quite been everyone's favorite, but I've managed to make a few friends while being there."

"And I'm Aster Sullivan," Aster explained. "I'm a side character who made an alliance with Tilly and Kat halfway through the course. I was created to be a perfect character-"

"Not true!" I cut in.

"Not perfect like perfect, I meant perfect as in the character that people were supposed to like. Not that they have to like me, I just thought-oh lord, everyone's going to think I'm a douche now," he placed his face in his hands, flustered. "I think that's all I really have to say."

Everyone looked at Tilly. There was a moment of silence as she twiddled her fingers and stared at her shoes. She then muttered, "I'm Tilly, the youngest character in the book."

When I realized that that was all she was going to say, I continued. "Kat mentioned The Pestilention. What does that mean?"

"The Pestilention is an event that's put on once a year for the whole world to see. It's a deadly obstacle course that tests your teamwork, survival skills, and mental and physical abilities. It's placed in a different country each year. We ran for the United States, and managed to all win," Kat said. Her face was red and she was breathing heavily by the end of it. She probably didn't breathe throughout that entire explanation.

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