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Hello everyone!

I couldn't decide what to do for this year's Winter Wattpad Block Party. Normally I like to do character interviews or sneak peeks, but that didn't really call out to me. A long, long time ago I wrote a writing guide for wattpad authors (which you can still finding lurking in the Tumblr verse if you google Jordan's Guide to Indie Writing) and I feel like maybe I could do an updated version of that. Not so much writing tips, but Wattpad tips. I'll tell you what I've noticed after being on the site for eight years.

A little bit about me— I'm twenty-three years old. I've been on Wattpad since 2010 and I've been writing since 2006. I'm part of the Wattpad Stars and have been before they even decided to call it that and I'm part of the futures program.

 I'm part of the Wattpad Stars and have been before they even decided to call it that and I'm part of the futures program

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Warning: This is all my opinion.


            Let's start with the most asked questions. How did you get so many reads on your books? How do you have so many followers? Well the plain and simple answer to that is luck. Maybe 5% writing skill, 5% writing something that's "in" (i.e. bad boys), and the last 90% is luck. Your timing needs to be right. Your genre needs to be trending. You basically need to appear at the right time and at the right moment. You don't have to be the best writer in the world to get popular on Wattpad. A lot of people have the first book hit it big and their second one flop, even though their writing got better in the second. And the reverse is true as well— maybe it's your 5th book that skyrockets into popularity because you got the timing right.

Wattpad says they have a way to see what books are going to do well, but in my eyes, who can? When you go down the WHL you'll see a thousand "bad boy" books ranking number one in many genres. But what about the other bad boy books? You may find one that has better writing than the number one book, but has five reads. People are constantly writing them, shouldn't they all rank then? That's where the luck comes in. Your book has to be noticed out of the thousands of others.

            Which leads me to...

            Getting Noticed?

            Ahhh, the next most asked question. How can I get more reads? This one also ties with luck, but I can give some solid advice. Use the tagging system. It's there for a reason. Even if you think a tag might not be important, use it. You never know what people are typing into the search bar, so the more tags you add, the better chance you'll have at getting your work seen by other readers. Slow burn, romcom, slice of life... those are all good tags to add. If your writing is very niche, this is even more important.

            Writing is a social thing. Make friends. Read other people's books. It'll encourage those people to check out your own works—but never, never message people asking them to read your work. It's akin to spam and no writer is ever happy to see a message in their inbox turn out to be, "Read my book." It has quite the opposite effect.

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