Alecc0 Presents: An Introduction into a Sci-Fi Fantasy Universe

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Alecc0 Presents: An Introduction into a Sci-Fi Fantasy Universe

Hello! Who am I? Who are you?

Hey there! Pleased to meet you all and thank you for stopping by my little corner of the Wattpad Block Party. There are some freshly made brownies over on the table. Cheers! *clink*

So tell me, what do you do?

Oh yeah? Interesting. You'll have to tell me more about it sometime.

Well I'm an animator mostly, currently working on children's television shows. I've published several books through a publisher, a couple of long novels and a few shorter stories, all available on Amazon.

I tend to stick to fantasy adventure, and have delved into some horror and action. Somehow it's easier for me to make up a whole new world, even one that's only glimpsed at, than set something in the real world. Maybe that says something about me...

My post

So what are we doing here? In previous Block Party's I spoke about How To Write a Story – Tips from a Professional Masterclass:

And gave a Guide to Writing Fantasy:

(I don't think those links will work, but check out the previous WBP stories to find the posts.)

This time around I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce a fantasy world I've been developing for over twenty years... (stay with me here)

If anyone enjoys making up their own worlds, or is interested in how such things are made, please read on and find out how I went about it, and what the final outcome looks like.

Being a big Star Wars fan, for the longest time I wanted to make my own galaxy with heroes and adventures. I grew up playing Final Fantasy games, and loved the concept of collecting characters in a team as you progress through the story. And I loved the battles when I used to watch Dragon Ball Z.

So my fantasy world would be shaped by the things I wanted to see, and that was a world of magic and technology, aliens and fantasy creatures - a kind of sword and sorcery but with space travel too. Now in all honestly those all probably do not mix that well together, but that was my goal. And somehow I'd try and make it work.

Twenty-something years in the making?

I was an active and creative teenager, and was always drawing and making up ideas and concepts for comic books, video games and cartoon shows. I felt like I could make anything if I just thought of it and did it. 'Doing it' was of course a very rough and childish approach that probably looked like gibberish to anyone but me.

One day I had a dream-like vision, an image flashed in my head as I was slowly waking up one morning. And in that instant I had an idea for a character, who I somehow, strangely, knew was called James Island, and that he would go on a big adventure. I know that sounds crazy but that's the only way I can describe it. I drew the image that had flashed in my head, and went from there.

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