beautlies Presents: My Adventure On Wattpad

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Hello everyone,

I'm Sevval (beautlies) and this is my second time on Wattpad Block Party. Some may know me and some may not. Either way, hope you like and relate to this post.

Happy reading! 


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I was introduced to Wattpad long before 2014. I've been a The Vampire Diaries fan back then, around the beginning of 2013, and had a fan account on Twitter. I remember clicking on the orange banner and checking it out. It seemed full of One Direction fanfiction so that I decided not to join. I posted my TVD fanfictions on instead.

I was writing to satisfy my inner fangirl and improve my English. I had a few fans as well, and the more they wanted updates, the happier I felt. It was great to have people like me and my writing. Then, in my senior year, I grew out of my vampire phase.

I think I realized I wanted to write something different in a biology class. We were talking about total color blindness and I scrabbled Your eyes are my favourite tone of grey on my notebook. Hence, my favourite sentence of my first book—and only poetry book—The White Memories of A Black Life.

I knew that I wouldn't be able to post this poetry book on but I didn't know where to put it. I have been looking around and in the end, one of my friends recommended me Wattpad. That was the second time I visited that website. Totally prejudiced, I observed the website and noticed there are some original stories apart from fanfiction. The first one I have read was Here To Stay by Noelle (hepburnettes). I think Float by Kate (ToastedBagels) and The Bad Boy's Girl by Blair (JessGirl93) were the ones that followed.

There was a tiny problem: I wasn't a novel writer. I was writing poetry and as far as I saw, people weren't into it. However, I decided to give it a try. I posted the first chapter. I didn't get any reads for days. I was too busy with reading to care—I didn't have many expectations. Then, I discovered Clubs and shared my book there. I read people's books and had them read mine in exchange. It was cool, sharing ideas and making new friends. The first friend I've ever made is Hali (book_rapper) and I'm really glad to say we are still in touch.

When I was done with that book, it hardly reached 600 reads but I was freaking happy because with 600 reads and 50 followers, I felt pretty cool. More than three people had noticed my existence and my writing. It was totally good. Then, I posted my second book on August 5th, Mitosis. That book still has a different place in my heart, for it is a transition from poetry to novel for me and the characters are so close at heart.

I remember posting a few story ideas later, and one of them got more reads than I expected. It was my first novel attempt and I really thought it was better than any of my writings so far. I noticed one of the great writers I'd read back then was doing a critique and I decided to join. I got too excited when I saw that she's checked out my book. However, the comment was so discouraging. I think, if I really took it so seriously, I wouldn't be here right now. I deleted that book a few days later, and didn't try to write anything for a while.

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