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Hellooo guys!

I'm so excited to be a part of the Wattpad Block Party! Did you know? This is my 6th time participating in this awesome event hosted by Kelly Anne Blount. Been here since WBP Summer Edition 2015! Anyone with me? Woot! ;)

My name is Jovi and I'm ivojovi here on Wattpad. Nice to meet you!

Anyway, last year I wanted to write a short story since I got the inspiration from a song that was popular here in the Philippines during the 90s. Ang Huling El Bimbo translated to The Last El Bimbo in English is a song that was popularized by the band Eraserheads. This was released in 1995. Part 1 was posted last WBP and I promised that there would only be 3 parts but I got carried away that I started getting attached to the story, lol. Currently, I have 5 chapters up. If you're interested to read The Last El Bimbo, feel free to leave some comments (:

Since the story is ending soon, I'll be showing you a preview of the next chapter.

Party is on! Cheers! X

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"Here." Gray tossed a small paper bag towards Harley which she caught with ease. He just came from his parents' house and decided to do a quick stop at a shopping center.

She looked puzzled, "What the hell is this?" It wasn't even her birthday yet.

"Just open it," he commanded.

Harley was quick to open the bag, digging inside only to grab a box of some sort. She read the label and her eyes widened in surprise. "Okay, woah, I can't accept this."

"Why not?" Gray knew it was a little too much to give her a cellphone but everyone has been using one lately. It was easier to reach her with this handy device. He could call her any time during the day, even leave a text message whenever he wanted.

"This is an expensive gift, Gray. You can't just go around and give people random presents." she sighed.

He knelt down by the couch where she was comfortably seated, scooting in between her legs. "You're not just some 'random people', sunshine. I want you to have it so I could reach you anytime, anywhere. You don't even own a house phone."

"I don't have enough budget for calls." She mumbled.

"It's already been paid for. Don't worry about it. As long as I'm able to reach you and for you to just keep charging it." Harley's head snapped up to look into his piercing eyes. Disbelief was evident in her features. She was about to retort something, probably an excuse not to accept it, but Gray was quick to add, "If you won't accept it, I'm going to kiss you right now, not even going to hold back," smirking triumphly when she made a sharp intake of breath.

Her eyes were calculating and narrowed as she held her gaze with Gray's. "You're not serious," she deadpanned.

"Do you want to bet?" He looked serious but in reality, he was fighting off a smile he was trying to control.

"Ugh! Fine!" She lightly pushed his face away from hers and was fighting a smile when Gray gave off a melodious laugh. She fiddled with the box, opening it to see its content. It was a flip phone, the newest trend on the market. "This is... Thank you, Gray." Harley smiled thoughtfully. She knew that Gray would only bite her head off is she insisted not to accept it.

"I'm on speed dial #1. Call me anytime, okay?"

She only nodded in response. Uncontrollable feelings of affection surged through her body, feeling hot all over. It was new that someone else was taking up all his time to care for her. The pity party that she had been throwing herself every single day had to stop. And for the first time in a long while, her heart bloomed once again.

♪ ♫ ♬

A week went by, Gray mostly stayed with Harley. While she went to her ballet classes, he went home during the day to stay at his parents' house. Harley finally had opened up to the fact that there was this special bond that tied them both together. It may not have a label yet but it was something they valued. They fell into a comfortable routine, taking turns in preparing a meal while the other was in charge of dishwashing duty. They spent most of their time cuddling on the couch, basking in each other's warmth.

Gray observed that she had been smiling more which was the most breathtaking sight to see. She may not have noticed it but he would gaze at her affectionately whenever she started talking about her day. Captivated by her innocent beauty, he hadn't notice that his lips were inching closer to hers.

She stopped talking midway, noticing that their gazes had locked with a compelling trance.

"What are you up to?" She whispered breathlessly.

He had a small smile on his face, "Your lips are very tempting."

Laughing lightly at his bold attempt, she replied with, "It's cherry flavored." The lip balm she used was indeed fruity.

"Interesting," he hummed in delight.

"Are you trying to kiss me?"

"Yes... but I need you to tell me that you want it too. I can wait a little more longer. It's just that I'm done hiding my feelings for you."

Of course, she wanted it. Was it too soon though? Everything was happening abruptly that she couldn't keep up. She finally felt good with herself and Gray's company had been uplifting as well. Although, being in a relationship wasn't something she wanted as of the moment. Her heart had been broken enough. Harley didn't need to question everything that was going to happen. She was tired of expecting the worse after what she went through with Nate.

But whatever her future held, she strongly wished that Gray was still in it.

||To be continued||

||To be continued||

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