Siriusly_fandoms Presents: Writing Tips & Prompts

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Siriusly_fandoms Presents: Writing Tips & Prompts


I'm Sophie, Siriusly_fandoms here on Wattpad. I've been a part of the Wattpad Block Party for a few years or so now, and I love writing alongside all of these amazing authors. Huge shoutout to Kelly Anne Blount for this awesome experience.

I've been writing on Wattpad since the seventh grade, and in these four or so years, I've learned some things about writing that I'd like to share, some of which came from my experience at the Champlain Young Writer's Conference, at school, and from other Wattpad authors. Feel free to agree or disagree, but these are just some tips that have improved my writing, and I hope they help!

Feel free to share your own tips in the comments!


1. Determine the main conflict of your story, and try to work around that.

2. Don't worry about perfection right away. Nothing can ever be perfect on the first try. You can always go back and edit.

3. Don't compare yourself to others. Your writing is your own, not anyone else's.

4. Rejection and/or discouragement is part of writing. Just keep working hard and continue to write. There will always be some people who like your writing and some who won't. Write for you, not for anyone else.

5. Write as much as possible. Set goals for yourself, such as "write 100 words a day", or even put aside 30 minutes each day at a specific time to write. For example, write at 6:30 PM every night, even for just ten minutes. It gives you extra practice and eventually a story!

6. Always try to share your work, gain support in your writing, and find someone you can go to for critiques. Wattpad is extremely good with this. It gives you an audience, and show what you can improve on, and what you're doing right!

7. Always keep reading. Good reading makes good writing.

8. The more specific a detail is, the more memorable it is.

9. Write in more of the senses you don't usually use. Taste, touch, smell, hear, see. This balances out a scene so readers can feel the entire scenario, and practically live it.

10. Be concise, clear, and specific. Keep in memorable details and revise or take out the lesser ones. For instance, instead of "walked slowly", "strolled" is more precise and descriptive.

11. Use details that make sense in the moment. For example, a character may notice if a gunman's hand is trembling, but they won't necessarily remember the type of gun they were carrying. Only use really specific details you wouldn't normally notice in a real life situation if the scene calls for it. Use details that make sense/are appropriate.

12. Inspiration is everywhere. Write about things and hobbies you like, listen to music, look up prompts, think in the shower, write on vacation, etc.

13. Planning makes the worlds difference. Planning can be extremely beneficial, and it can help you write with a purpose.

14. The middle part is the hardest part to write. Just power through it.

15. Be proud of what you write. Writing anything in any amount is an accomplishment, own that.

I run the Writing Club at my High School, and every Friday, I present the club with some writing prompts. If you're feeling a lack of inspiration, I find that these help when you're feeling stuck. Feel free to tag me in things you write using these prompts, or even write some short stories in the comments below!


1. Write down five random numbers between 1 and 45 and answer those in the character questionnaire below. This can give you inspiration for a new character

   This can give you inspiration for a new character

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