Lightning_Stryker Presents: An Interview with London Watkins and 103

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Lightning_Stryker Presents: An Interview with London Watkins and 103

Hello everyone! I'm Jay, though some of you may know me around here as Lightning_Stryker. I'm thrilled to say that this is the second #WattpadBlockParty that I have taken place in and I'm thrilled to be joining the line up once again! Huge thanks to KellyAnneBlount who set up the entire event!

September of last year was an absolute game changer for my writing career with the release of my dialogue story, Heartbreak Hotline. Released on September 7th, 2017 it quickly (and shockingly!) gathered much attention, allowing it to surpass the 100K mark and land a spot in the short story top five by the end of December. While I was in absolute shock of how fast it had reached these goals, I realize that none of it would've been possible without the support of my #LittleStrykers . You all have shown an endless amount of support through your reads, comments, votes, and through the inspiring words that you share with me everyday. Thank you all for inspiring and molding me into a better writer. Thank you for allowing me to do what I love every single day.

So today, the lovely Jenna Rhodes from The Lost Boy Series will be coming back to the #WattpadBlockParty stage to conduct an interview with Heartbreak Hotline's two main characters, London Watkins and 103.

And make sure you keep an eye out for the user-submitted questions that get answered later during the interview!

Without further ado, it's time to pass the mic over to our characters!


*A beautiful strawberry blonde girl comes running out to the front smiling and waving. She stands center stage, blows a kiss to the audience and begins to speak*

Jenna: Hi everyone and welcome to the Wattpad Block Party, Spring 2018 edition! My name is Jenna Rhodes and you may know me as Laney's trusty sidekick over in The Lost Boy Series by @Lightning_Stryker. And if you haven't, well you're missing out boo boo. But anyway, both the audience and Jay loved my interviewing skills so much that they invited me back to host yet another interview, this year for a book I wasn't actually featured in.


Jenna: And that book happens to be Jay's newest creation, Heartbreak Hotline! This story revolves around a boy named London who calls into the Heartbreak Hotline to get some help on how to successfully get his dream girl to notice him. There he meets the sassy Representative 103 who helps guide him in the right direction.

So let's not waste anymore time explaining all the little details. Let's jump right in and get this party started! Let's first welcome in our leading lady, our ultimate sass queen, the representative of all representatives, ladies and gentlemen let's give a warm welcome to 103!

*cheers are heard as a girl runs out from backstage with a paper bag over her face. Two eye holes are cut out so she can see, and she gives the audience a big wave with both hands as she gives a grin that no one can see. She sits down at the seat beside Jenna as Jenna raises her eyebrows.*

Jenna: 103, so nice to have you today. And um...I'm pretty sure that's not what Jay meant when she said to hide your identity. She asked that you went by your representative numbers and not your real name. You you don't give spoilers for the people who haven't read the book yet. You can take that weird thing off your head.

103: You sure it's safe? I don't need Jay cutting my part out of the books for not listening.

Jenna: Psh, you're fine. Take that thing off.

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