-starless Presents: PENTIMENTO Sneak Peek

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-starless Presents: PENTIMENTO Sneak Peek

Greetings to those of you kind enough to read my post! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking your time to read my awkward ramblings.

Now, what I have today for you is a sneak peek to my novel Pentimento, a book following two Painter twins in a fantasy world of war.

Now, what I have today for you is a sneak peek to my novel Pentimento, a book following two Painter twins in a fantasy world of war

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Twins Ayara and Ray Waker are the last Painters, a rare form of human that can bring paintings of their blood to life. Separated at birth, one is raised in an orphanage of kindness, the other trained to be a killer. When opposing queens collect them to be their weapons of war, who will come out on top?

Especially when the the twins know nothing of the other's existence . . .


THE SNOW blended with his ear length hair, sharp and unforgiving against his sensitive skin. The boy's eyes had the blue undertones of the falling snow, yet they were dusted with small flakes of opalescent colors. His eyes darted to the right, watching a hawk soar out from a snow coated pine, probably beginning his hunt early in the last few moments of day. He let out a sigh, leaning down to pat the neck of his white stallion.

"Good boy, Stelon," he smiled, his teeth becoming one with the serene beauty of his surroundings.

The stallion lifted his head, making his mane brush against the boys riding gloves and fur cloak. The boy smiled once more, looking around at his surroundings. The mountainous terrain beheld the white capped trees of the lands below and the snow revealed paths of animals once hidden. The wind blew softly, it's hushed voice whispering of legends once told and forgotten wanderers.


The boy turned his head, smiling again at the girl galloping towards him. Her green coat and dark hair stood out against the scenery, yet her horse and sweet smile blended in perfectly. Her smile pinched up sweetly into a set of deeply set dimples, ones that he could see even when she wasn't smiling. Although, she had always smiled for him, this smile was large enough to reach the depths of her gentle blue eyes.

"Ray!" she panted, slowing her horse to stop beside him, "Why do you always go so fast? It's not fair that you always get to use Stelon. I do love Meria, but she's not as fast."

"Well, Miss Nora, Stelon is mine," he stuck out his tongue, leaning over to nudge her shoulder with his own.

"That's not fair, Ray," she pouted, "I'm certain that Madame Clovett would be on my side of this disagreement."

"She's on my side because I've been here longer," he countered, raising a brow, "Have you been here for seventeen years?"

"No..." she mumbled, her head drooping.

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