mwaldorfnovels Presents: Mila's Outlining Method & Her Strange Ritual

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Hello everyone,

Before I start with my post, I'd like to introduce myself. My name's Mila and this is my first block party, I'm very curious and I hope you already had a good time. Today I will tell you about the method of outlining that I use and about my strange ritual during writing.

Having spent a long time searching for a good way to plot, I finally found one. It's called: "The Blake Snyder Beat Sheet" and I'm going to describe it below. I will give an example in italics. This gives you a clearer picture and can help you. It's a breakdown of The Hunger Games. 

Opening Image – A visual that represents the struggle & tone of the story

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Opening Image – A visual that represents the struggle & tone of the story. A snapshot of the main character's problem, before the adventure begins.

Katniss wakes up in her house in District 12 on the day of the "reaping." We're quickly introduced to Katniss, her sister Prim, her mother, and her underprivileged life. They are poor and often hungry.

In this first glimpse into Katniss's life, we see her one and only priority: survival.

We also see glimpses of Katniss's very close relationship with her sister, Prim, of whom Katniss is very protective. Katniss dresses for a day of hunting and slips out of the house.

Set-up – Expand on the "before" snapshot. Present the main character's world as it is, and what is missing in their life.

Katniss sneaks off to the outskirts of District 12 (which is technically trespassing, but she does it in order to provide food for her family... survival once again is her priority). She meets Gale, her friend and hunting partner. We learn that Katniss knows how to hunt with a bow and arrow (something she learned from her deceased father). Gale is attractive even though Katniss claims there is nothing romantic between them.

Life is tough in "The Seam" (the poorer area of District 12) and Gale and Katniss are both the providers for their families. They both feel disdain toward the Capitol but only dare to voice it while they're alone in the woods together.

Katniss returns home to prepare for the reaping, which we learn is the process of choosing (by a type of lottery) one teen boy and one teen girl from each of the 12 districts of Panem to compete in a televised fight to the death. This is explained to be a punishment for an uprising among the districts 74 years ago and a reminder that the Capitol holds all the power.

Theme Stated (happens during the Set-up) – What your story is about; the message, the truth. Usually, it is spoken to the main character or in their presence, but they don't understand the truth...not until they have some personal experience and context to support it.

Katniss's friend Gale suggests they run away and leave the district. Katniss thinks it's a preposterous idea.

Her whole life has been about just surviving. Playing by the Capitol's rules to protect her family. But soon she'll learn that in order to "win," she'll have to beat the Capitol... not just survive it. This story is so much bigger than just "surviving," it's about righting an epic wrong. Living up to her true potential as the face of a revolution. It's the theme of the book... and the whole series.

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