MLBrowning Presents: The Story behind The Writer's Christmas Vacation

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I have been a writer for 8 years. In those eight years, most of my stories
were random. There was no reason behind my writing them.

The Writer's Christmas Vacation was different. I wanted to write something that was nothing like what I had written in the past.

That was when Melissa was dreamt up. A writer much like myself but who had tons of mental health problems. Most of which she had hidden from her agent and editor.

One idea after another was thought up:

A prison
A murder
An asylum...

The thoughts were endless and resulted in the manuscript being full of twists and turns.

But one problem remained - self doubt. Would anyone read it? If they did, would they like it?

The problem was soon answered: yes, people would read it and almost everyone who read it enjoyed the story.

Now that I sit here in front of the keyboard, I have come up with a poem about the long process behind this manuscript:

Not a story

I thought I'd write

Melissa was a character

That just appeared on the page

I didn't expect her

And once she arrived

I refused to neglect her

Her agent was lovely

As was her editor

But what would happen

When her mother died

And her father disappeared

★ ★ ★


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