Lightning_Stryker Presents: An Interview with London Watkins and 103

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103: True. Since when did I ever listen to the rules anyway? *chuckles*

Jenna: *smiles* I think we're going to be great friends.

103: *takes off her disguise as crowd screams* Same, same.

Jenna: And now that we have one half of our main crew, why don't we bring out the other half? Are you guys ready for it because I'm pretty sure Taylor Swift is. She made a whole song about it, just saying.

Well anywaaaay, I hope you are because I could honestly care less! *grins*

*103 snorts*

Jenna: Let's give it up for our leading gentleman, Mr. Shy Guy, my daddy, your daddy, everyone's daddy, London Watkins!

*The crowd cheers as London quickly makes a face at Jenna and cringes. He casually walks out, waves and smiles at the crowd, and takes a seat beside 103.*

Jenna: London, so nice of you to join us today! How are you feeling?

London: *nervously puts hands through hair* A bit overwhelmed to be honest, but in a good way! Never thought I'd make it here to the Wattpad Block Party! It's kind of exciting if you ask me!

Jenna: Well I like your thinking! Since this is the first interview for both of you, I've curated a random question for each of you to answer. Think of it as a funny kind of ice breaker.

103: *takes a glance at London* Oh boy.

London: I'm scared.

Jenna: *smirks* You should be.

So, first question I have here is for 103.

103, you are very open about your love for food. There's a certain scene in Heartbreak Hotline where you express your love for milkshakes. Now the crowd wants to know, does your milkshake bring all the boys to the yard?

*Both London and 103 die laughing*

103: *composes herself* I would say so. Especially the desperate ones.

London: *scoffs* I feel attacked.

103: Then my job is complete. *smirks*

London: Hey that's not-

Jenna: And onto our next question. And you know who this one is for!

*London stares at Jenna with a fearful expression on his face to which Jenna deviously smirks at.*

London, there was a certain scene in Heartbreak Hotline where the word daddy was jokingly thrown around. Ever since, some of your fans have dubbed you Daddy Londie. How do you feel about that?

London: Well that's honestly the most cringy word ever, as I clearly stated in the book. It's not a word used in my normal vocabulary and I was hoping it was going to stay that way. But I'm also super thrilled that I have fans who would love me enough to even give me a nickname. So I'd have to say that as cringeworthy as it is, I'm grateful that I have people who would be creative enough to get a nickname like that and make it stick.

Jenna: That's a really great answer, daddy. Which leads me to my next question.

*London playfull rolls his eyes*

Heartbreak Hotline reached success at a very fast rate. Within four months you had been added to an official Wattpad reading list on the @_ShortStory_ official account, reached 100K reads, and ranked #5 in the short story genre. How did you feel about all of this sudden attention?

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