|A Bit of Cooking| SnB Ja'far x Reader

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Evening light filtered into the girl's vision. After a few blinks, she had fully opened eyes.
Birds were retreating back to their nests for the evening, and the sky had a beautiful orange and red glow to it.
Before her was a lit fire; a pot filled with, what she assumed was, boiling water. Rocks surrounded the fire, wich gave a cozy feel to it.
She sat up, and glanced down from her makeshift pillow and blanket, to a boy sitting across from her on the other side of the flame. It looked as though he was peeling potatoes, for on one side of him, was a cloth on the ground that held cut up pieces of the food.
"You're finally awake.", the boy, around her age, stated.
"Yeah. I suppose I am.", her speech was halted by an oncoming yawn that effected her whole body. Her arms went to a natural stretching position, and she heard a few 'pops' coming from her stiff bones. "How long was I out for Ja'far?", she asked.
"Long enough for Sinbad, and the others to decide that they wanted to bathe at a nearby lake. And leave me in charge of watching camp.", he gave a silent sigh at the end of his explanation.
"Oh.", the girl thought for a moment, "Sorry, you could've woken me up so you wouldn't have had to worry about camp all by yourself."
"You don't need to apologize (Y/N). I've seen how restless you are at night, and thought it better for you to get some somewhat decent rest."
"Thank you.", (Y/N) simply said.
There was a few moments of silence before the boy asked, "Would you like to make dinner with me?", he asked.
"Sure! I'd love too.", (Y/N) cheerily said, earning a smile from the boy.
"You can continue peeling these while I fix the meat. Then we'll put them in the pot. Hopefully something good will come from it.", the last part of what he had said made the girl giggle.

The group of men were nearing their campsite, and to their surprise, they heard loud laughing coming from their destination.
"Now what could've made them laugh so hard?", Hinahoho questioned.
"I don't know, but if they're enjoying themselves, I see no problem in it!", Sinbad chirped.
Sinbad, Hinahoho, and Mystras peered through an area of dense foliage to witness the scene that warmed their hearts.
The boy was slightly curled up, laughs racked his body.
"That's the hardest I've ever seen him laugh.", Sinbad whispered.
"That's the first time I've ever seen him laugh.", Mystras added.
They looked across from the boy to see (Y/N) in a similar position, laughing too hard to breathe.
"They seemed to be having fun.", Hinahoho stated.
"Yeah, but let's see what they cooked, whatever it is, it smells good!", Sinbad walked through the underbrush, and was followed by his comrades.
(Y/N) was the first between the duo to notice the group coming their way.
"Ah! Finally, you're back, dinner is ready.", she greeted, waving to the males.
Ja'far was quick to sober up once he realized they were nearing.
"Ja'far no need to put up a facade! You should be like that more often.", Sinbad exclaimed, an annoyed look apearing on the younger boy's face.
"Shut up Sin.", he turned his look from the teen to the girl that he sent the evening with. "(Y/N), would you like to make dinner with me next time?", he asked, hoping she'd respond quickly.
"I'd love too!", she answered as she began to fix bowls of the food for the group.

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