|Control Yourself!| Yandere Ja'far x Reader

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"Take it easy Ja'far.", Sinbad said to the frosty haired male, earning a glare come from the man in question.
Ja'far, the ex-assassin, still continued to hold a firm grip on the knife that was pressed against the king's neck.
"How can I take it easy when I know (Y/N) has been tainted by the words of the civilians?", he asked, pressuring the purple haired male to answer.
"Ja'far, it was just a simple compliment, no harm was done towards her."
Ja'far began quivering as he fought to control the urge to plunge the knife into the man's neck. "Just calm yourself."
As Ja'far began to decide whether or not to kill the man in his fit of rage, a soft knocking was heard at the door to the room.
"King Sinbad?", a feminine voice called from the other side of the door, asking for permission into the room.
The right-hand-man shot his eyes open, and quickly lowered his hand away from his king's neck in realization that his obsession was waiting behind the door.
"Come in.", Sinbad said, regaining his composer for the guest.
The door began to open as the woman was now completely visable.
"I just came in to ask about the...", she stopped as she looked at the conditions of the area.
Documents were scattered on the ground, curtains were ripped down; the whole room was in a dissaray.
"What happened here? If you don't mind me asking.", she asked in a worried tone.
The smaller man smiled at the sound of her voice, and hid his knife in his sleeve, hoping she wouldn't see the weapon.
"Nothing that should bring up worry  (Y/N), Sinbad and I were just...talking over the plans for tonight's feast."
"Then why is the room so disorderly?", looking for an answer from the king.
"A heated discussion took place. You do not need to concern yourself with it.", Sinbad claimed, giving a glance towards the man beside him.
Ja'far held a small smile on his face, delighted at the woman's presence, and seemingly forgetting the exchange that was previously held.
"Oh. Well if that is the case, then may I help you pick up?", (Y/N) asked, wishing to be as helpful to the situation as she could, for she could feel the slightly tense atmosphere in the room.
"No. That won't be necessary, I still have to talk with Ja'far for a while, thank you for the offer.", Sinbad said, walking towards the door to see her out.
'Why is Sinbad walking towards (Y/N)? Is he attracted to her? Is he going to make a move on her? No, I can't let that happen to my precious (Y/N).', the man felt his anger rise again; his judgment began to grow cloudy due to his possessiveness over the woman.
As he began to walk towards the now closed door, he shot his arm up,in it was the knife, and brought it down with a quick burst of speed.
The purple haired man swiftly turned to grab the offending male's arm, and succeeded in the action.
"Control yourself Ja'far!"
"H o w c a n I ?"

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