|With the Rukh| Jafar x Dying Reader

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She can't be gone.

How could this have happened?

Ja'far was kneeling down with his lover in his arms. Tears streamed down his face, and fell onto the face of the only person to ever steal his heart.

It was only just yesterday. Her bright smile filling the room.

But here she is. Her face contorted in pain, but her eyes were trained on him.

Ja'far started brushing her hair back, and out of her face. He started whispering sweet nothings in the woman's ear.

"You'll be ok."

"Everything will be fine."

But even though he said it, Ja'far knew that he was only trying to keep himself from the sadness that clawed at his shattering heart. The woman looked up at Ja'far with the last bit of strength she had.

Red stained everything.

The stab wounds in her midsection bled the cursed color.

"Ja'far.", the woman choked out, lifting her hand to brush the cheek of the only person she had ever loved. The man leaned into the ice cold touch of his once warm companion.

She can't die like this.

This isn't happening.

"Protect Sindria in my stead."
Ja'far's body was shaking uncontrollably while he watched the light start to die from her eyes.

"Don't say such things."

He was trying so hard to keep himself from falling apart.

"Just know that I love you too much for death to get in the way.", the woman started closing her eyes, and let out a sigh.

"I love you (Y/N)."

"Please...please don't leave me."

The woman smiled one last time. Hearing that made facing her demise somewhat bearable.

'She's...(Y/N) is...'

He couldn't even bring himself to think it.

"Ja'far's body slumped over the cold body of (Y/N). His cries were heard throughout the whole country. They were bloodcurdling cries. Ones only certain people would understand.

To see her like this made his insides churn.

"The people who did this will pay."


  The weeks that came by after the death of     (Y/N) seemed to drag by at the pace of a snail.

Ja'far had locked himself in his office. His only escape from his grief was paperwork.

He rarely slept. Meals would go uneaten. His workspace was untidy.

He said he was fine, but the Generals, and the King new better.

On one particularly sunny day, Ja'far had this unsettling feeling in his gut. Whether it was good or bad, he didn't know.
But, in the midst of his work, he heard a faint whisper.
He let it be, and blamed a breeze.
There was another whisper. This time louder. The man was able to make out a voice.

"Ja'far. You must bring yourself together."

"You shouldn't be so sad."

Ja'far looked up and saw, among beautiful yellow birds, was his sweet (Y/N).
"(Y/N)? Is it really you?", he said this with much uncertainty.

"Yes it is me. But Ja'far, you must compose yourself."

"Not just for you, but for the Generals, Sinbad, all the citizens of this country, and for me."

"I truly hate seeing you like this."

He didn't know it, but Ja'far had tears trickling down his face.
It was (Y/N). And she was in the rukh.

"Are you listening Ja'far?"

"I love you too much to see you in such an awful state."

Her figure walked up to the man, wrapped her ghostly arms around him, and gave him a feathery kiss.
She then whispered into his ear.

"You must keep strong."

The woman let go, and started walking to the open window that was situated in the room.
She reached the window, and turned her head toward the man as he said,
"Please don't leave me again."

"Ja'far. I'll always be with you, whether you know it or not."


"I love you too much for death to get in the way."

(Y/N) smiled a soft smile, and with that, the rukh started to dissipate, and fly out the window.

Ja'far's mind started turning, and he realized...that he was ready to be him again.

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