|Starters| Pokemon AU Ja'far x Reader

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"Come on Ja'far! If we don't hurry we won't get our first Pokemon!", the you girl exclaimed, dragging her companion behind her.
"(Y/N)! We're going to be an hour early at this rate!", the boy said, attempting to catch his breath, and slow down the exited girl.
His words barely reached her ears, for she was too excited to slow down. She was going to get her first Pokemon, and start her adventure! How could she not rush to the Professor's lab?
The two, albeit one of them was forced to, sprinted to Professor Elm's lab, which was located in the town the two resided in.
For obvious reasons, the two sat outside the research center after they reached the destination. The sun hadn't even fully risen over the horizon, but the two sat in a comfortable silence.
"I wonder when Professor Elm will let us in?", (Y/N) asked, wondering aloud.
"It may be soon, but the Pidgey aren't even up yet, so it would be best to assume that neither is Mr. Elm.", the boy responded, giving a logical answer.
(Y/N) seemed lost in thought for a moment, but quickly came to a conclusion as to what she was going to say.
"Which starter do you want?", the girl asked, looking at the boy intently. She attempted to strike up convorsation while they waited for the doors to their future to open.
"I was thinking about choosing either Cyndiquil, or Totodile. Cyndiquil is my first choice though.", Ja'far answered, looking to the girl, hoping his answer was satisfying for her.
"I can imagine you with a Cyndiquil!", she happily said, smiling at her friends preference.
"Which will you choose?", Ja'far asked, knowing full well that that was what she wanted to be asked.
"I've got my heart set on Chikorita!", the girl chirped; her face grew slightly pink from her excitment.
'That was cute.', the boy thought to himself, looking at the girls features.
"What are you going to do once you become an actual trainer Ja'far?", (Y/N) questioned, she knew the boy has been anticipating the awaited pokemon, but he's never said what he has wanted to do.
"I-...", he thought for a moment, "I don't have any definite plans, but I feel like I'll figure it out during my journey.", he finished his statement strong.
"That was really deep.", the girl lightly chuckled at his determination.
"N-No not really.", he quickly tried to switch the conversation around. "What do you want to do, (Y/N)?", he asked.
She thought of her aspirations as slightly cliche and childish compared to what the boy had said.
"I want to become the Champion.", the girl claimed, giving the boy a look of determination that, seemingly, matched his own.
"I believe that you can reach that goal (Y/N).", Ja'far kindly said.
"I don't know, I don't even have a pokemon yet."
"That doesn't matter. You'll get one soon enought.", the boy said reassuringly.
"I guess you're right.", she looked away from the boy, only to be met with three individuals. They looked to be from out of town.
"Hello! Are you three here to receive a pokemon from Professor Elm?", (Y/N) asked the trio.
"We are. I assume you two are here for the same reason?", the boy in the middle asked in a slightly snobbish tone.
"Yeah, we are.", the girl said.
"Hmph. Well I hope you know that you two won't be getting a starter, because us three came to get one each. And there are only three starters available.", he said, smirking at the baffled looks the two had.
"But we've been here since dawn?", Ja'far said, quickly loosing his temper with the boy in front of him.
"Is that so? Well, too bad.", as soon as the leader of the trio proclaimed his statement, the lab doors opened to reveal the man all five of them had been anticipating to see.
"Ah! The new trainers, I was wondering what all of this racket was out here.", the older man said, glancing at each of the children, "Would you all please follow me?", he asked, turning on his foot, and walking back into the lab.
The group quickly gave each other a glance, and rushed to the door.
The trio managed to run past (Y/N) and Ja'far, tripping the two in the process of running into the lab.
"Suckers!", the main boy said, earning snickers from the two others.
Ja'far swiftly recovered, and was about to chase after the other boys, which would've been accompanied with a few choice words, but turned back as he heard a few sniffles come from his friend.
"(Y/N)! Are you ok?", he asked, walking towards the girl who lifted herself up into the sitting position. A few tears threatened to fall from her eyes.
"All I wanted was my first pokemon! And some bullies just had to come and mess it up for me!", she said with an upset tone.
"H-Here, maybe Professor Elm won't give them one.", he offered the girl his hand, hoping she'd take it so she wouldn't be sitting on the ground.
She rubbed her tears away with her arm, and sadly took his hand. Ja'far lifted her up, and led her inside, only to be face to face with the three who ruined their moment.
"Best day ever.", the leader smirked, and pushed his way through the duo. He was followed by his two cohorts.
"Why I'd...", Ja'far seethed, earning a sad smile from (Y/N).
"Don't worry about them. It still wouldn't hurt t check with the Professor about a pokemon.
The boy visibly relaxed at her words.
"Fine.", was all he said.
They walked into the large enclosure; the looked around at the fancy lab, and after a few moments of walking, found the man standing in the back of the building.
"Hello Professor.", (Y/N) greeted.
"Good morning children!", he exclaimed, slightly catching the two off gaurd.
"Excuse me sir, but would you happen to have any starters left?", Ja'far questioned, hoping to get a positive response.
"Sadly Ja'far, I do not have any starter in my possession.", the man looked on at the downcast expressions of the children that he knew very well.
"O-Oh. If that's the case then we'll be taking our leave.", the girl said, almost on the brink of tears.
"Now now, I didn't say that I didn't have any pokemon on me however. I saw what those boys did to you two, which was highly unkind of them. But don't fret, I know how much you've longed for this day. It's my job to not let you down!"
This earned him a few looks of confusion, but he dismissed the looks.
The man dug two pokeballs out from his pockets, and held them out, one in each hand, for (Y/N), and Ja'far to see.
The children's eyes widened at the sight, and couldn't believe what was being presented to them.
"(Y/N), and Ja'far, I would like for you two to take these pokemon. Inside them are uncommon pokemon to the Jhoto region, but I think you will like them.", with slight hesitation, they each took the pokeball presented to them, and expanded the ball, preparing to release the pokemon waiting on the inside of it.
"Well go on! I don't want to have to wait all day!", the Professor urged.
"Pokemon, come out!", (Y/N), and Ja'far said in unison, releasing the pokemon inside the balls.
After the white light had faded, the two excitedly smiled at what they saw.
Two Eevee's stood next to each other, giving glances to each other, and then two the children.
"I-I can't believe it! An Eevee!", the girl said. The Eevee that was released from her ball, stared at the girl, and then quickly made up it's mind. It ran up to the girl and rubbed against her legs, making the girl feel special. As she began to happily talk with her new pokemon, the boy and the other Eevee looked at each other. Ja'far formally greeted the Eevee, which the pokemon responded warmly to by walking up to the boy and sitting by his feet.
"I knew you would all like each other!", the man said happily, looking at the two encouraged kids.
"Thank you Professor Elm!", (Y/N) gave her thanks as she stood up from petting the Eevee, holding the said pokemon in her arms.
"Yes, thank you very much sir!", Ja'far thanked the man as well, looking up from staring at his pokemkn, to the adult.
"Well I'm glad you like them! I found them under a bush the other day. They seemed cold, and malnourished, so I decided to take them in.", he explained, "Now, all that's left is to give you your pokedex, and you'll be on your way to an adventure! How does that sound?"
He earned an excited "Yeah!", from the duo as they were handed the fanciful devices.
"You can now finally begin your adventure! Make sure to come back and visit from time to time, and tell me how everything is going!", he said, seeing the two off.

After the two had shown their families their new companions, gathered their things, and exited their houses, they met at the exit of the town.
Both children had their pokemon outside of their pokeballs, and stood facing each other.
"So that's where you plan on going huh?", (Y/N) asked, getting conformation from the boy.
"Yeah...And you plan on going to Violet City to challenge Falkner, right?", Ja'far questioned, earning a nod from the girl.
"I guess this is goodbye for now.", (Y/N) said, knowing full well that they were going their separate ways.
"For now yes, but I'm sure we'll see each other again real soon.", the boy solemnly stated.
"When we do meet again, promise to battle me, all right?", the girl proposed, trying to lighten the mood.
"Definitely!", Ja'far exclaimed.
He stopped a moment before walking closer to the girl, and giving her an emotion filled hug.
"I promise."
The two pulled apart and said their final goodbyes, hoping to see each other soon.

A few years had passed since their last meeting. (Y/N) had become champion of every region, with a seemingly unbeatable team. Even though they didn't appear to be super strong, she managed to get the team to work out.
Her main pokemon, and her first pokemon, was her cherished Glaceon, which evolved from the little Eevee she got when she first began her journey. The female slowly began to shape her team, and her final team became one with her closest partners; Glaceon, Amphoros, Chandelure, Lurantis, Oricorico, and Froslass.
This team of hers has become one of the fiercest teams on the world, and most of those who challenge her, ended up loosing.
Ja'far battled occasionally, but found that his sights were set on becoming a Pokemon Professor. His main interest is in pokemon evolution, especially evolution through specific methods, and he wished to find the reason as to why this happened.
He too has quite the team when it comes to strength, his team consists of his main pokemon, an Umbreon that evolved from his Eevee, his Lucario, Absol, Weavile, Luxray, and finally, his Haxorous.
It's unknown as to how he makes his team work, but most assume it is due to how close of a bond he and his pokemon have together.

The woman stepped foot into the town that started her journey.
'It's been ages since I've come to visit.', the woman thought, walking into the town with a slight spring in her step. Every time she would visit, she would take her chances that her beloved friend was visiting at the same time.l, but, out of all the times she has visitied, none have given her her wished for results.
"Glace!", her pokemon said, gaining the woman's attention.
"What is it Glaceon?", (Y/N) asked, looking down at her pokemon.
"Glaceon!", her partner exclaimed, pointing it's head towards the center of town.
The woman glanced up to where the pokemon's head was indicating.
"It's nothing Glaceon, it's just a person...", (Y/N) began to stare harder, trying to decipher who it was.
All of a sudden, a loud call of an Umbreon sounded from the direction of the stranger.
"Umbreon!", the pokemon called, running to the woman and her Glaceon.
"Glaceon!", her partner chided, sprinting towards the oncoming Umbreon.
"Glaceon! Wait up you can't just run up to some strange pokemon! You should know better!", (Y/N) exclaimed, running after her pokemon.
"Umbreon! What has gotten into you?!", a male voice yelled out, catching the attention of (Y/N).
The two people caught up with their pokemon, and just barely missed colliding with each other.
"I'm so sorry miss! I didn't expect my Umbreon to just run off like that!", the man apologetically said.
"No, no it's fine! Pardon my Glaceon as well, I don't know what's gotten into it!", (Y/N) reassured.
Things had settled down after a few minutes, and the two trainers finally had the chance to look at each other.
The woman was slightly shocked; she was standing right in front of a man who looked like a grown version of her old friend.
"Ja'far? Is that you?", (Y/N) asked  barely above a whisper, unable to believe it to be true.
"Oh, yes, my name is Ja'far-.", the man stopped as he finally registered the feminine voice.
"(Y/N)?", the man asked, the same tone that the woman had radiated from his lips.
The two locked eyes, and new that it was their long-time friend staring back at them.
(Y/N) broke the silence.
"Ja'far, it really is you! I'm so happy to see you! I've got so much to tell you, a lot has happened over the past few years!", she started, barely able to handle her excitment.
"(Y/N), I am so glad to see you as well! It truly has been too long since we've seen each other!"
The two embraced each other tightly, and from below, their two pokemon gave each other a look that just screamed, "Just kiss already!", but they know it'll take time.
"Oh! But before we even begin to discuss our lives...", (Y/N) stood up straight, and pointed at the man, "I challenge you to a battle!"

"That was intense!", (Y/N) breathed, returning her fainted Amphoros.
"It was.", Ja'far agreed, returning his own fainted Absol.
"I can't believe we tied! I guess that just proves how great we have become.", (Y/N) said, giving praise to the man and herself.
"I couldn't have said it better myself."
The man walked towards the woman, a soft, yet determined look shone in his eyes.
He just had to tell her.
Even from when they were young, he knew he'd never be able to love another, as much as he loves (Y/N).

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