|Impure Thoughts| SnB Ja'far x Reader

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The young boy awoke from his sleep in a cold sweat. He shot up with extreme speed, and gripped the covers of the bed.
The rocking of the boat soothed him, to some extent, yet he still felt his blood pumping through his veins.
"What the hell was that?", the boy whispered to himself, referring back to his dream. 'I need some air.', he thought, swinging his legs over the side of the bed.
The ex-assassin began to make his way towards the deck of the ship.
With each step he took, the boy kept thinking of the occurrence in his dream.
'I've never thought of such things before. I-I can't believe those type of impure thoughts would even cross my mind.'
He finally reached his destination, and looked out over the expanse of ocean. The stars reflected off of the calm water's surface. It seemed as though the boat he resided on was in the middle of a galaxy.
'Stupid Sinbad. Rubbing off on me in such a way. What a leader he is.', a soft breeze blew through his silvery hair.
As he stood there, a girl around his age noticed his presence.
"Ja'far? What are you doing out here so late?", she asked, gaining the boy's attention.
"Oh, (Y/N). I just needed some air is all.", he responded, his face began to turn a soft shade of pink.
"Understandable. Mind if I join you?" , she asked.
"Sure, I don't mind.", he answered. The girl walked to the boy and stood next to him. She seemed awed at the scenery before her.
"It's very beautiful.", she said out of the blue, breaking the peaceful silence the two shared.
"It is isn't it.", he said aloud, 'But not as beautiful as you.'
The intrusive thought rang in his mind. 'Damn Sinbad! Attempting to teach me on how to flirt; why are his lessons influencing me now?'
(Y/N)'s gaze turned from the ocean to the boy next to her.
"Ja'far, while I have you alone, I'd just like to thank you.", she said, earning a confused look from Ja'far.
"Thank me...for what?", he asked.
"Thank you for being my friend. Even if you don't consider me your friend! You've been very kind to me.", she was slightly embarrassed at what she said.
He had been shocked at what she said, but he quickly gained his composure.
"I'm glad you think of me as a friend (Y/N). You've grown close to my heart; so don't worry about me not thinking of you as a friend."
(Y/N) smiled at what the boy stated.
"This was nice, but I think I'm going to return to my room.", she turned around and began to make her way back to her room, "Don't stay out for too long Ja'far. It's kinda chilly, and I would hate it if you got a cold."
He listened to her foot-steps grow further and further away.
'I can't believe this whole situation was brought about by an indecent drean.', he thought, as he too began to return to his room. 'I'm satisfied however.'
It took him a few moments of silence before a realization hit him, 'Oh my god. I'm turning into a Sinbad!'

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