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The busy sounds of the market place filled the duos ears as they gandered at the various goods. To anyone else, they looked like ordinary kids, running an errand or two for their family, but in actuality they were seething with annoyance with their 'bonding exercise'.
'Why is Sinbad making us do this?', (Y/N) thought to herself, boring her eyes into the back of Ja'far's head. The events from that morning played on repeat in her mind, and every time it did, it made her even more agitated.

"Why are you so mad all the time?", (Y/N) asked with an angry voice.
"I don't know. Why are you so annoying?", Ja'far said with the same amount of hatred.
As the two bickered, the people dwelling, and working inside of the Sindrian Trading company building, were all affected by the fight. The arguments they shared however, have never reached such intensity in such a short amount of time.
"They've been at it for how long now?", Hinahoho questioned, turning his gaze to Sinbad.
"I'd have to say...about 15 minutes.", the purple haired teen said.
"Should we split them up?"
"Hmm...", Sinbad brought his hand to his chin in thought. "Ah! I know.", Sinbad sat up from where he was sitting, and walked over to the two.
"And you're always making me do MORE of this god forsaken paper work!", (Y/N) said beyond enraged.
"Well maybe if you actually did your work with puntuality, you wouldn't have so much of it!", Ja'far fired back.
"Come on you two break it up, break it up!", Sinbad said, striding over to the fighting kids.
"HE/SHE STARTED IT!", they both yelled in unison, pointing at each other in the process.
"Ok, well what started this?", Sinbad asked. In response, he received a long string of rushed story telling.
"...and that's why Ja'far is awful."
"...and that's why (Y/N) is incompetent."
Sinbad was slightly confused, but nonetheless, thought of a brilliant plan to help his two youngest comrades.
"I've got an idea.", Sinbad started, "Why don't we have a little bonding exercise."

(Y/N)'s flashback abruptly ended when she ran into the back of a figure.
"Why did you stop?", (Y/N) asked, expecting to hear a response from Ja'far.
"Why did ya' run inta' me?", a gruff voice said, looming over the younger girl.
"Oh! Excuse me sir, I thought you were my companion. Please pardon my previous question.", (Y/N) said, internally thanking Rurumu for her lessons on politeness.
"Ya' know what? I can be your new companion.", the man said in a sinister voice.
"Uh. I'm not quite sure what you mean sir.", (Y/N) stated, getting worried about the situation with each passing second.
"Or I could sell ya'... But I'd wanna' break ya' in a little first.", an evil grin appeared on his face.
"I should be going.", (Y/N) said, starting to quickly walk away. In the midst of her walking, the man quickly grabbed her hair and pulled her back. She let out a sharp cry.
"Ya' seem too important to let slip from my grasp. And my boys will wanna check ya' out."
"Let me go!", (Y/N) yelled.
"Not gonna' happen girlie.", the man said, letting out an evil chuckle, "I gots booze to buy."
The man started dragging (Y/N) to an alley. Her feet dragged behind her in an attempt to slow the man down, but to no avail.
"(Y/N) I asked you a question. It's polite to answer.", Ja'far turned around, and to his surprise, he didn't see (Y/N). 'We were told to stick together.', he thought to himself. The boy sighed as he started walking in the opposite direction. Ja'far scoured the road, but didn't see the girl. "She couldn't have gotten far.", he said to himself. As he did so, he heard a shrill, feminine scream coming from further down the road. "(Y/N)?", Ja'far said, running down to where the scream originated from.

When he reached the back alley, he was instantly filled with disgust.
(Y/N) was on the ground, some articles of her clothes torn, surrounded by drunkards. Tears streamed down her face as she tried fighting back.
"(Y/N)!", Ja'far gained the attention of the men, "How dare you filthy beings put your hands on her!"
"Go get em' boys! I'll hold onto this one.", the main man said, lifting (Y/N) up off the ground, pulling her to his chest, and holding her chin up with a vice like grip.
The group ran up to Ja'far, not expecting the red wires that ensnared them. Each man got a few cuts here and there, and they fell to the ground in a huff. A few hit their heads, which lead to them getting knocked out, and the other few were too tired to get back up.
"You.", Ja'far said, looking at the man holding the beat up (Y/N), "Release her or I'll be forced to kill you."
"As if. Just cause' you've got fancy weapons don't mean you can take me down easily."
Ja'far's eyes narrowed as he looked from (Y/N), to the man.
"Fine. Have it your way."
The man only had a moment to process what Ja'far said. In a flash, the boy's fist slammed into his face, causing the man to let (Y/N) go. He stumbled backwards, and fell to the ground. Dust came up in his wake, and the man was out cold.
(Y/N) thought that when the man dropped her, she would be on the dirty ground again, but instead, she fell into the arms of Ja'far.
"Who knew you'd be strong enough to hold me.", (Y/N) said dryly.
"Oh shut up.", Ja'far said, contemplating whether to drop the girl or not, but he decided against it. "Did they hurt you?", Ja'far said in a caring way.
"Uh-", the change of tone caught (Y/N) off gaurd, "Only slightly. I'll be fine though."
"Ok. We'll get your wounds treated when we get back home.", Ja'far said, starting to carry the girl from the alley way.
"You don't have to carry me Ja'far.", (Y/N) said, feeling a bit flustered at their close contact.
"Nonsense.", was all Ja'far said.

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