|You Made Her Cry?| Jealous Ja'far x Reader

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Ja'far hated seeing (Y/N) with other men.
Whether it was someone he didn't know, or knew personally, it didn't matter. (Y/N) could be laughing with Sharrkan or having a serious talk with Spartos, or be training with Masrur or...the list could go on and on. He had just recently started feeling this resentment. Out of all the years he had known (Y/N), he had never felt this before.
And he didn't know it, but Ja'far was unintentionally pushing (Y/N) away in his fit of jealousy.

Ja'far was working on paperwork in his office when he heard a soft knocking on his door.
"Come in.", Ja'far said, with a hint of annoyance in his voice.
The door opened to reveal (Y/N) holding a stack of scrolls in her arms.
"Good morning Ja'far! I was told to bring these to you.", (Y/N) said with a pleasant smile on her face.
"You can set them over here.", Ja'far said, pointing to an empty spot on his desk. (Y/N) walked over and did as she was told.
"Ja'far, how have you been? I haven't seen you out of your office as of late.", (Y/N) asked, slightly worried for the man. She knew he worked himself but she hadn't seen him at dinner over the past few days.
"I'm doing just fine.", Ja'far said passive aggressively.
"Ok, I'm just worri-", (Y/N) was cut off by Ja'far.
"I don't need you patronizing me. I can take care of myself."
"You don't have to be so angry about it Ja'far.", (Y/N) said, gaining a look of displeasure on her face.
"And you don't have to be in my office while I'm busy. Don't you have stuff to do? If so then get to it."
"Fine. I'll leave you be. I'm sorry for bothering you.", (Y/N) said, walking out of the room in a huff. Tears threatened to fall as she quickly walked through the halls.
'Why would Ja'far be so rude like that. And out of no where as well?'
In the midst of her walking, she bumped into someone. (Y/N) rebounded a bit, but didn't fall. She looked at the figures face and realized she ran into the King.
"Oh! King Sinbad! Pardon me from running into you!", it was hard for (Y/N) to keep her composure, since she was still dealing with Ja'far's previous actions.
"It's quite alright.", the king stopped for a moment. "(Y/N) are you feeling well? Your eyes are red."
"I'm fine Lord Sinbad.", (Y/N) said, trying to not to tear up in front of him. "Please excuse me, I have...things to take care of.", (Y/N) made her escape, and rubbed her eyes as she walked off. The King was concerned, but if it wasn't something (Y/N) could handle, she would let them know. Hopefully.

Dinner was being served, and all of the seats around the table were filled except for one. The seat beside Ja'far was empty.
Ja'far thought that (Y/N) was simply running late. But as the minutes went by, and still no (Y/N) showed, he started to fret.
The Generals soon came to the realization that (Y/N) was not present, and that shocked them since (Y/N) never missed dinner.
"Ja'far.", Sinbad said, gaining his attention. Ja'far looked up from his plate of food.
"Yes King Sinbad?"
"(Y/N) isn't here, and you are the one closest to her. Do you know where she is?"
"No. I do not know where (Y/N) is.", Ja'far looked down and started to lightly stab his food.
"I saw (Y/N) in a very poor state coming from your office this morning."
Ja'far stopped what he was doing, and with wide eyes looked his King in the face.
"What do you mean by 'very poor state'?"
"Well. She bumped into me, which was strange since she is very attentive to her surroundings. Her voice sounded strained, and when she was walking away, I saw her rub her face, so she must have started crying."
The Generals stopped their conversations, and quickly looked at Ja'far.
"Ja'far made (Y/N) cry?", Pisti asked.
"Huh. Well it must've been bad since (Y/N) doesn't cry often.", Sharrkan said.
Ja'far pushed his chair back and sat up front he table.
"Please excuse me. I have something to attend to."'
Ja'far excused himself and hurriedly went to (Y/N)'s office.
'How could I say those things to her?'
'Why was I so angry with her?'
'I need to make this right.'
Ja'far reached the room, and knocked on the door.
"Who is it?", a sad feminine voice said from within the room.
"It is Ja'far. Please let me in. I need to talk with you."
She hesitated, but (Y/N) let the man come in.
Ja'far was met with a stone faced woman, working on paperwork. She didn't look up, and increased the speed of her writing when he entered.
"Is there something you need Ja'far?", (Y/N) asked.
"Yes, I need to talk with you.", Ja'far was very uncomfortable, as he was never the type to explain his emotions.
What he had said slightly shocked (Y/N), as she set her quill down, the woman decided to hear Ja'far out.
(Y/N) looked up at him, "What is there to talk about Ja'far?"
"I want to ask for your forgiveness. I shouldn't have acted as I did, and I deeply regret saying such things to you."  Ja'far stopped for a moment. "I'm just..."
"Just what?", (Y/N) said, genuinely curious as to what he had to say.
"I'm just jealous!", Ja'far had a slight blush on his face, but it seemed intensified due to his pale complexion.
"Jealous? What ever are you jealous of?"
Ja'far had to think of how to put his feelings into words.
"I'm...I'm jealous of the amount of time you spend with others. I know you and I spend much time together, but it has just recently started to come to my attention that I hold some deeper feelings for you.", Ja'far started to fidget a bit. He didn't know what to expect from (Y/N)'s response.
"So what you are saying is that you love me? Is that it?", (Y/N) uncontrollably started to smile.
"To put it in simpler terms, yes. Yes I love you (Y/N)."
Ja'far was shocked when (Y/N) stood up from her desk and walked over to him. She stopped when she was right in front of the man, and embraced Ja'far with a sentimental hug.
"I've waited so long to hear you say that.", (Y/N) pulled back and offered her hand, and said, "Let's head to dinner. I'm famished."

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