|Too Interesting| Yandere Assassin Ja'far x Target Reader

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Ja'far had been watching her for months.
Watching, and waiting for opportune moment to strike.
His target was the King of Sindria's assistant, or right-hand-man, (Y/N).
The moment he had seen her, something began to tick inside of him.
A growing feeling grew in the pit of his stomach.
He needed her.
Throughout the weeks he had been observing her for, he had learned almost everything about her; from her daily schedule, to her every like and dislike.
He had grown to adore every part of her.

'The time has come.', the assassin thought to himself, looking at the tired woman through a window.
(Y/N) was working on paper work given to her by the king. She had been writing for hours, her hands cramping, and her eyelids drooping. Every now and then she shook her head in order to not fall asleep.
Ja'far quietly snuck through the open window, attempting to make no noise as the woman wrote on.
Slowly and steadily, he crept behind her.
Once Jafar stood behind the unsuspecting (Y/N), he began to snake his arms around the woman.
She tensed up, and tried to look behind her, but the man gripped her face forward, slightly squishing her cheeks.
"Oh how I've wanted to get a closer look at you~.", Ja'far said.
(Y/N) made a move to stand up, but the assassin shot his arm around her midsection, keeping her stuck in the chair.
"Unhand me!", (Y/N) said, her voice distorted by how hard her face was being held.
"Why would I do that? I've finally got you where I want you, and there's nothing you can do about it.", Ja'far said into her ear in a voice just barely a whisper.
The King of Sindria was in the next room; no wanting Sinbad to get in the way of getting what's his, right?
"What are your intentions?", (Y/N) questioned.
"Well. They were originally to kill you...but I'm too interested in you (Y/N)."
The man began to shift himself up onto (Y/N), straddling her to the seat. He took his wires, and wrapped them around her to keep her still. In the process of doing this, the assassin blatantly stated, "And if you move, I'll kill you."
(Y/N) sat in disbelief in the situation, not even knowing if this whole scenario was real or not.
'What do I do.', she thought to herself.
With instincts kicking in, she took in a deep breath and screamed.
At least...tried to scream.
When she prepped her mouth to do so, in a flash, her mouth was covered by the assassin's hand.
"Silly (Y/N)... You underestimate me~"
Once her muffled noises came to a stop, the man grabbed a cloth, and tied it around her mouth, preventing any further inconveniences.

"You know what? Just for doing that, we can start toying with you now if you'd like."
The woman's eyes shot open, and a nervousness spread through her.

"But why spoil the fun? Let's go someplace else, with no way for anyone to take you from me."

This was a request! I liked writing this , and I like the concept of it! I hope you like it!

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