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(Y/N), and Kikiriku had been playing on the deck of the Sindrian merchant ship for hours.
Kikiriku was having the time of his life, giving adorable laughs, and baby squels in response to (Y/N)'s antics.
(Y/N) was also enjoying herself, but she was mainly attending to the child for Rurumu's sake. The mother seemed tired, so the girl offered her assistance. So here she was, doing her part to help out on the ship.
The crew mostly ignored the two, but they smiled upon hearing the child's delight. There was one boy, about the same age as (Y/N), who was seemingly  entranced at the sight of the girl and child. The duo on the deck had yet noticed the onlooker, but Hinahoho, the father of Kikiriku, had.
"Ja'far, you've been staring at them for quite some time.", the man said, gaining the attention of the boy. Ja'far quickly turned his head to the adult, a bright blush covering his face.
"I-I, no, um.", Ja'far said, stiffening up.
"Hahaha!", Hinahoho gave a hearty laugh, "I feel as though you've been hiding something recently, and I think it involves you staring at those two, would you mind sharing?", the man offered, trying to relax the boy.
"I-... It's no use.", Ja'far said, looking down at the ground.
"What do you mean?", Hinahoho questioned, his interest peaking.
The boy sighed, "I can't say. It's a personal issue."
"Come on Ja'far, you can tell me anything!"
"Fine, but do you promise not to tell anyone?"
"Of course."
"Everytime I see (Y/N), a strange feeling comes up in my chest. My thoughts go astray, and my pulse quickens. I don't know what these symptoms are indicating.", he stopped for a moment, "And when I saw her playing with Kikiriku...",he looked over at (Y/N), and Kikiriku,"She seemed so motherly, and very out of character. But I like seeing her like that.", Ja'far concluded.
"Well Ja'far, I think you might like (Y/N).", Hinahoho said.
"Of course I like her, she's my best friend."
"No Ja'far, I mean like her like I love Rurumu."
It took the boy a minute until the realization hit him like a brick to the face.
"O-oh.", was all the boy could say. He looked at (Y/N), and saw the smile that adorned her face. The poor boy was completely red in the face.
Suddenly, (Y/N) turned and caught Ja'far's gaze.
"Hey Ja'far! Would you like to play with Kikiriku and I?", she asked.
"Sure.", Ja'far said with a shaky voice, and he quickly walked to where she was.
"Oh young love. They better get together when they're older.", Hinahoho said to himself, returning to his work.
Soon, the air was filled with three happy voices.
Thanks Kikiriku.

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