|Midnight Training| Ja'far x Reader

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-This is a suggestive story. Reader discretion is advised.-

(Y/N) always went to train at night. It didn't matter if she was tired, had more work to do, or even if she trained earlier that day.
The night was serene, and held no distractions. It was perfect for battle practice.
(Y/N) would start her nights with warm ups. She would stretch, and then do light exercises. After warming up, (Y/N) would go straight to a dummy and work with either her hands, or her weapon. Then, to end her session, (Y/N) would run for a bit, and head to her chambers.

(Y/N) had been training on a dummy for around 30 minutes. She had just struck the figure with the blade of her chain scythe, when she heard a voice call out to her.
"(Y/N)?" (Y/N) turned quickly, not expecting to encounter another person.
"(Y/N), what are you doing out so late?", the woman smiled, realizing that the person was her significant other.
"I could ask you the same thing Ja'far.", (Y/N) said, catching her breath from her previous activity.
"I was looking for you, you weren't in your room, or office. And you shouldn't be training so hard. You could injure yourself!", Ja'far said with a worried tone.
"Don't worry about me! Besides, I was just about finished here.", (Y/N) said, pulling the blade out of the training figure. "It's good that you showed up though! I've been needing a sparring partner that isn't a hunk of wood."
"What are you implying (Y/N)?", the man questioned.
"Will you spar with me hand-to-hand? I've had enough training time with my weapon.", (Y/N) asked.
"Only if you go to bed afterwards. We've got paperwork to do in the morning.", Ja'far brought up his fists, and readied himself.
"You've got a deal Ja'far!", (Y/N) quickly put up her fists and made the first move. Her hand shot towards Ja'far's face, but he easily dodged out of the way.
"Is that the best you've got (Y/N)?"
The duel lasted for a few minutes after the comment. (Y/N) was worn from her previous training, and Ja'far wanted it to be over with, but neither wanted to lose.

Ja'far had thrown a particularly hard punch. (Y/N) attempted to block it, but the force of the blow on her arms caught her off balance. She fell backwards and brought Ja'far with her.
(Y/N)'s back landed hard on the ground and she exclaimed with a silent string of curses.
She didn't know it, but Ja'far was struck with a bright blush. He had accidentally pinned (Y/N) down. He wanted to move, but he couldn't bring himself to do so for some strange reason. Seeing the love of his life underneath him made something tick inside of him.
(Y/N) opened her eyes, and to her surprise, was looking into the face of Ja'far. Her face dusted in a hue of pink.
"W-what are you doing Ja'far?", (Y/N) said as she saw his eyes glaze over in lust.
He was severely aroused at this point. He was ashamed of himself for thinking the things he was. Like roughly kissing (Y/N). Or tying her wrists together with his wires. Or her screaming his name in pleasure. Her submissive look turned him on beyond belief.
Ja'far leaned down and whispered into the woman's ear, "You should be asking what I'm going to be doing (Y/N)."
At this, (Y/N)'s face erupted into flames. She'd never expect Ja'far to be like this, but this side of him made her stomach turn.
"O-ok. What are you going to be doing?"
"Well... If you'll allow me...", Ja'far leaned down and whispered his plans into the womans ear.  He gained pleasure from seeing the woman's blushing face. "I'll also make you scream my name, and we'll be heard throughout the whole palace."
(Y/N) couldn't help but to imagine these scenarios.
"So what do you say (Y/N)?" (Y/N) didn't hesitate, and kissed Ja'far fervently, which Ja'far responded to with a lustful kiss of his own. After a few moments, the two broke apart, a trail of saliva connecting them.
"Is that the best you've got Ja'far?"

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