|Describe it to Me| Jafar x Blind Reader

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The couple sat atop a cliff that was overhanging the sea. The sun was setting, a soft breeze brushed across their skin, and the scents of the outdoors infiltrated their senses.
"Can you describe it to me Ja'far?", (Y/N) asked.
"Describe what?", the man questioned, confused as to what she was talking about.
"The ocean.", the woman responded.
"Oh. Well...", the man started, "It is a vast expansion of salty water, filled with creatures of all different shapes and sizes. The waves hit the land in beautiful bursts of passion; communications between countries happen across it; and it's filled with mystery."
"It sounds nice.", (Y/N) said as the man concluded his description.
"In what way would you describe Sindria from a visual point of view Ja'far?"
"Sindria is filled with many exotic plants and animals, with different variations of color. The palace is the main attraction with its composed majesty. Merchants from all over bring arrays of sparkling jewelry, foods, spices, and much more. I would have to say that Sidria is...the second most beautiful thing in the world."
"What's the first?", the woman asked, her curiosity peaking, for she knew Ja'far valued Sindria above all else.
"You.", the man said, a slight blush on his face.
The woman was shocked, and a burning sensation filled her face.
"H-how would you describe me?"
"I would describe you as the embodiment of innocence. Your smile is like that of incomprehensible beauty; your voice is a wonderful symphony made of instruments of divine quality. You are a shining light in the darkest of times, and Sindria would not be the same without you."
The woman had a few tears in her eyes.
"That was sweet of you to say Ja'far."
"I was only telling you what I see (Y/N)."
"I love you."
"I love you too."

This was a request! Hope you like this super cheesy story!

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