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"So where exactly are we going Sinbad?", a young boy asked, giving the young man in question a skeptical look.
"Well Ja'far, we are on our way to a city-state called Nativitatis to establish trade relations with them!", the purple haired teen explained, smiling at the boy.
"I've heard about them.", a young girl chimed in, as she walked past the two, "Apparently they specialize in certain 'treats', ornamental items, and clothing native to the area."
"Those seem valuable, thank you for sharing (Y/N).", Ja'far said, shooting a smile towards the girl.
"No problem!", (Y/N) responded, quickly smiling and walking off from the two to continue her previous task.
"Her reactions are always so...different.", Ja'far said once the girl was out of earshot. He looked back up towards the teen.
Sinbad had a growing smirk plastered on his face.
"What are you smirking about?", Ja'far asked, crossing his arms over his chest.
"Oh nothing...Just smirking at the fact that (Y/N) probably likes you.", he said.
"W-What?", the ex-assassin exclaimed, "I really don't think she feels that way Sinbad!"
The teen turned to start laughing at the boy. "Shut up Sin! Quit laughing!"
"I'm only laughing because your obliviousness humors me.", he stated, his giggles slowing as he calmed himself down.
"I have no idea what you're talking about-", the boy had his sentence abruptly stopped when Sinbad exclaimed, "Land ho! We'll be near shore in no time!"
"Idiot.", Ja'far muttered under his breath, turning to head towards his room to prepare for their journey.

The group traveled for three days until they arrived at their destination. The air surrounding them got colder and colder as they neared the city-state of Nativitatis.
Hinahoho seemed to enjoy the temperature change, but the others, especially Sinbad, were not fond of the bitter cold.

"Here we are!", Sinbad exclaimed, standing at the gates to the small city-state, and the group walked in with awe.
Soft snow fell from the sky, and covered the area in the white powder. The colors red, green, white, and gold were seemingly everywhere.
Decorations hung from everywhere as well. Items such as wreaths, garland, bells, ribbons, mistletoe; anything you could think of really.
"What is this place?", Ja'far asked, looking to his companion, (Y/N), who was standing beside him.
"I...I truly don't know, but I wasn't expecting this.", (Y/N) said, giving the boy the same, unreadable expression as he had.
"Well, I think our first course of action, is to find a local to ask for directions.", Sinbad said, walking forward to the middle of the town.
As he was walking, he was stopped by one of the locals.
"Ah! Outsiders! Welcome!", the group looked down to where the high-pitched voice was coming from.
A little man, no taller than Ja'far's knee, stood there, looking up at the group.
The little man wore red and green stripped tights, a loose green shirt with red accents that was tucked into his tights, and had a pointed green hat.
The man's sparkling green eyes held a form of mirth the group had never seen before.
"Oh, pardon me, I never introduced  myself. My name is Tingle, one of the head Elves at this lovely place. Welcome to Nativitatis!"
The first to speak was Sinbad.
"Thank you for the kind welcome Tingle. My name is Sinbad, and my companions and I have come to ask for the establishment of a trade partnership. May I ask where the best place to go for this would be?", he explained, giving one of his kind smiles.
"So you are the young man Boss has been communicating with! Follow me, I'll take you to him so you can discuss this matter.", Tingle smiled, and turned to walk forward through the town.
They had finally reached the main building. The little elf threw open the doors leading to the main hall in the abode.
Tingle began to walk up the red rug that led to a little throne like seat.
On the seat sat a large man, decorated with red and white. A snow-white beard grew from his chin, and he had rosy cheeks to accompany his look.
"My, my, what do we have here?", the man said in a booming voice.
Immediately the group landed on their knees, for they did not wish to disrespect this 'boss'.
"Good evening sir! These are the young men and young lady who have requested an audience with you to discuss trade!", the elf beamed, a generous smile gracing his features.
"I see. Thank you Tingle, you may be on your way!", he earned a nod from Tingle; the little man quickly left to continue his duties.
Silence ensued.
"Good evening sir...", Sinbad started, attempting to break the ice, "My name  is Sinbad, it is an honor to finally be able to make your acquaintance.", his opening statement earned a chuckle from the man before them.
"No need to be so formal young man!", he wiped a tear forming in his eye, "My name is Kris Kringle, but you can call me Santa, since it is what all of the Elves call me." He smiled a small smile.
"Oh, then Santa, I have come here to possibly negotiate a trade partnership between your country, and my company. It is known thoughout the world as the Sindrian Trading company.", the teen said, looking up from his kneeling position towards the man.
"Ah yes. Well, I would be honored to be apart of your trading company, young Sinbad.", the man warmly stated.
"Wow! This is fantastic, thank you sir!"
The group looked at each other, sighing in relief, for this exchange went far better than some in the past.
Ja'far turned his head towards (Y/N), "That went better than I-", he stopped himself when the large man began speaking.
"However, tonight is a very special night for us here at Nativitatis.", he started, "So I won't be able to get you the documents necessary until tomorrow. Is that fine?", the humble man asked.
"Yes sir! But, may I ask, why is tonight an important night?", Sinbad asked, asking the question they were all thinking.
"I am glad you asked! Tonight is what we call Christmas Eve. The night the savior in our religion was born. I won't go to into details, but our Christmas is a time of great joy. It is a huge celebration.", the man explained, "Would you like to join us? A feast will be held, there will be singing, dancing, and a time of exchanging gifts!"
Sinbad decided quickly, "We would be honored, Santa."

After a few more exchanges, the group were given rooms to sleep in for the night. They were also supplied with festive clothing to whee to the celebration.

"Wow Miss! You look absolutely adorable!", a female elf said, looking at (Y/N).
"Oh, why thank you. But you were the one who picked out my outfit Mrs. Tinsel.", the girl said, giving the elf a smile of gratitude.
(Y/N) admired the simple, yet pretty velvet red dress she was given. It had a fluffy white trimming, and reached down to right above her knees.
The young girl's hair was down, and had a snowflake pin in it.
"Miss (Y/N), if you don't hurry, we'll be late!", Tinsel kindly exclaimed.
"Coming!", (Y/N) quickly walked out of the door to the room, following the woman in front of her.

"This outfit is so stupid.", Ja'far growled, pulling at the material he wore. He had on a loose, long-sleeved,  green shirt with a red collar that was tucked into the red shorts he wore. He had on pointed black shoes, and had a green hat on with red trimmings and a bell on the end of it. He also had red and white stripped leggings on under his shorts.
"You look like you've lived here your whole life.", Sinbad snickered. Mystras began to snicker as well, along with Hinahoho.
"You don't have anything to be laughing about! You all look as ridiculous as I do!", Ja'far's response earned him another round of laughs.
"There you guys are! I've been looking for you!", (Y/N) exclaimed, grabbing the attention of the group.
She ran up to them and stood next to Ja'far.
He had an angered look on his face, but when Ja'far turned to look at the girl, it was washed away with a look of awe.
'Who knew she'd be able to pull it off.', he thought.
"(Y/N), you look so adorable in that!", Sinbad exclaimed; the others nodded in agreement, and (Y/N) just simply smiled and blushed at the compliment.
"Thanks!", she turned to look at Ja'far. She looked him up and down, and stopped at his eyes; they stared at each other for a fraction of a second before (Y/N) shot her hand up to cover her mouth. "Which one of these Elves threw up on you Ja'far?!", she exclaimed jokingly.
The others began laughing.
"Why you!", Ja'far angrily said, grabbing her shoulders and shaking them violently.
"Sorry, sorry!", she apologized, coming down from her high.
The two were still chatting amongst themselves, the three others gave each other a look.
The two ceased talking once a voice rang out through the area.
"Everyone! Please, feast to your hearts content! Tonight, we celebrate!", the Elves clapped and cheered.
Seemingly through magical means, a long table came from nowhere; on it were an assortment of foods.
"Let's dig in fellas!", Sinbad exclaimed, sitting down quickly.
"What a kid.", Ja'far and (Y/N) said in sync with each other.

After the feast, the Elves and guests began to sing, dance, and have a grand ol' time.
It was around midnight before presents began to be handed out.
The guests were shocked to see that there were even presents for them.
They were all pleased with the gifts that were given to them, but one girl in particular was quite stunned.
For her was a small box with a beautiful wrapping.
She tentatively opened it.
"Wow!", she breathed, picking up the item in the box.
A simple bracelet made of a red, wire like substance was what she pulled out.
She looked at it, having a speculation on who it was from. With the item in her the palm of her hand, she turned to look at Ja'far; he was looking at her with a bright blush on his face.
"I hope you like it (Y/N). I wanted to make your first Christmas a memorable one.", he said, turning his head to hide the heat on his face.
A few moments went by without the girl saying anything; as he began to look up from the ground, he was shocked to see the girl throw her arms around his neck. A few tears fell from her eyes as she put her head on the crook of his neck.
"This is the nicest thing anyone has ever gotten me, thank you Ja'far.", (Y/N) whispered.
The boy slowly wrapped his arms around the girl.
The boy knew she had a troubling past, but he didn't think it was that serious.
The girl let go of the boy.
She quickly slipped the bracelet onto her wrist.
"How does it look?", she asked, smiling a closed eye smile.
"It looks amazing.", the boy said with a happy tone.

While the two began to talk, the three others from their group were watching the scene unfold from afar.
Sinbad and Mystras had tears streaming down their faces.
"That was so beautiful!", they both exclaimed, locking hands together.
"If you guys don't lower your voices, they'll hear us!", Hinahoho whisper-yelled to the two.
"Fine.", the duo said, looking back over at the two.

Hello reader! I hope you enjoyed this little 'Christmas Special' that I wrote.
I personally think it was a little cringey lol.
Anyways, I just want to wish you a Merry Christmas, and I hope you have a happy New Years!

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