|I'll Kill Them!| SnB Ja'far x Reader Pt.1

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'This is too easy.', a boy said to himself, crouching on a support beam in an Imuchakk abode. His target, a traitor to Parthevia, was sleeping down below him.
As the assassin watched on, he noticed something odd. The traitor, whose name is Sinbad, turned in his sleep, which revealed another body beside him.
'Who is that? I was told it would be just Sinbad.', he thought, confused as to who the second person was.
'It doesn't matter, I'll just kill both of them.'
The second figure turned in their sleep, and ended up facing the assassin. The boy assassin was shocked, now being able to see the persons features.
'A girl?', he shook his head, trying to rid himself of the thought, 'She'll just be in the way. I'll easily slit her throat.'
He decided to get it over with and flung himself towards Sinbad, the goal being to kill him, but instead, the assassin was kicked in the stomach by the sleeping teen.
'What the hell?', he thought to himself.
After a few more attempts at killing Sinbad, he failed, and ended up getting caught instead.

The boy was sitting in the middle of a group. The group consisted of his target, Sinbad, the mystery girl, and two Imuchakk natives.
As the boy was bombarded with coments from Sinbad, he completely ignored them. He breifly responded with phrases along the lines of, "It doesn't matter, my parents are dead!", "I bet you're scared now.", and "Shut up!"
After awhile, the girl whispered something into the ear of Sinbad, and proceeded to walk towards the assassin.
She squatted down so they could be on the same level.
"If you weren't so angry sounding, I would like to get to know you better.", the girl said to him, looking him right in the eyes. It seemed like she was daring him to look away.
"...", he didn't respond.
"May I ask what your name is?", she got no response.
"Whatever, I'll tell you mine. My name is (Y/N).", she received an angry eye squint.
"You seem to be about my age. And you're a trained assassin? That's astonishing."
"Stop making small talk! You should be scared of me! I kill people!", the assassin said.
"That doesn't really matter right now does it?", (Y/N) said, matter-of-factly.
Silence pervaded the cold air, but in a quick flurry of motion, the boy sat up, unbound by the ropes that previously held him.
A smoke bomb went off, and filled the home, giving a thick cover for the assassin to hide under.
The smoke cleared after a few minutes, and the group was in a state of shock. Thoughts that ran through their minds were, "How?", "What happened?", and, "Where did he go?"
Unknowingly to them, the assassin was being carried away by his comrades.
"Are you OK boss?", the man holding the boy asked.
"Shut up!", the boy exclaimed.
"I'll kill them! I'll kill you Sinbad, and (Y/N)!"
With that promise being said, the assassins fled into the night.

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