|Stupid| SnB Ja'far x Reader

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"You're stupid.", the young girl said, easily working out the math problems given by Rurumu.
"And why do you say that?", a boy said, knowingly struggling with the same set of problems.
"I bet you don't know what 4 + 4 is without using your fingers."
"Well...I'm just making sure I'm right!", the boy exclaimed in a huff.
"Sure you are."
"S-shut up!"
As the two argued at their makeshift desks, Rurumu, who was their mentor, gave them a warning.
"(Y/N), Ja'far...Please quiet down and get back to your work.", the gentle woman said.
The two kids looked at each other, sharing a timid expression.
"Yes ma'am.", they said in unison, and silence ensued.
'If we don't get back to work...", (Y/N) thought.
'Then we'll get the chop.', Ja'far thought, also thinking about the consequences of disobeying Rurumu.
Yeah, they would rather die than disobey her.

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