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It was the night of the Maharajan.
Of course, Sharkkan would try and complete the task that he's been trying to finish for the past, seemingly, forever.
He's going to try again at getting (Y/N) drunk.
Celebration after celebration he has attempted at doing this, but (Y/N) is surprisingly hard to get intoxicated. The sole reason he's been trying to do this, was to get information on her feelings for a certain general.

"Ahaha!", the celebratory night was filled with joyous laughs from (Y/N). Her face was slightly flushed, due to the intake of alcohol, and her body was relaxed. She was just listening to a story Sharkkan was sharing, enjoying every part of it.
"And then I said, 'At least let me buy you dinner first!'", the man said, concluding his story.
Albeit, it wasn't even a funny story, the woman found humor in his words; a stream of quiet giggles escaped her lips.

"I've never seen her so...drunk.", Ja'far stated, looking at the woman from a distance.
"Yes, it's quite odd really.", Drakon stated, agreeing with the snowy haired male.
"Well, she might as well enjoy herself at this celebration! She's always so serious, but it's nice to see her like this.", Sinbad, the king of Sindria, exclaimed.
"I suppose so.", Ja'far sighed, looking on at the woman.

"Hey (Y/N), I've got a question for you.", Sharrkan said, addressing the woman in front of hin.
"Yeah? What do you want to ask?", the woman in question asked.
'She's totally drunk!', Sharrkan excitedly thought, outwardly smirking.
"I want to know, what do you think of Ja'far?"
The woman flushed at the sound of his name.
"Oh. I think a lot of Ja'far!", she stated.
"Could you elaborate?"
"I-I...", the woman thought long and hard on how she was supposed to put what she was thinking into words, "I think he is smart." The woman smiled, presuming that her answer would satisfy the male.
"What else?"
"He's loyal."
"Continue? Just tell me everything you feel for Ja'far."
"He's kind. He looks very nice. His hair is very pretty too! And the way he maneuvers his knives are fantastic!", she explained.
'Perfect.', the mishcevious male thought. "So, in short, you really like Ja'far?"
"Why yes! Ja'far means a lot to me!"
"I have another question."
"Hit me!"
"Would you f**k Ja'far?"
The atmosphere took a drastic turn at the man's sudden question.
"I...um...why would I? Why would he?", the woman became a blubbering mess. His question burning into her mind.
'Would I?'
"I mean. If you had the opportunity to.", the man said, giving a smug look at the woman.
"Yes?", (Y/N) quietly answered; her answer sounded like a question in its self.
"Speak of the devil! Hey Ja'far! How is your Maharajan? ", the exuberant male said, greeting the oncoming man.
"Good evening Sharrkan. It's been fine, I'm just here to check on (Y/N).", Ja'far said. He saw the woman in a panicked state earlier, so he felt as though he should see what was happening.
"She's fine, probably better than fine now!", Sharrkan said.
After the exchange occurred, the snow-haired male looked down to see the flushed face of (Y/N) looking back at him.
An unreadable expression was plastered on her face.
"Are you ok (Y/N)?", he asked, sitting down next to the woman.
"Yes, I'm ok.", she reassured, turning her face away from the man to hide her furious blush.
"You don't seem ok-", he stopped when Sharrkan barged in his own statement.
"She is ok Ja'far! Just a little tipsy is all. "
"Oh. Well in that case, I'll go fetch some water for her then.", he claimed, standing up from his previous position."
"No! I'm fine! Don't worry about me.", (Y/N) explained.
"I'm not positive that you're ok, but I suppose I'll have to take your word.", Ja'far said, "I have to go back to watching Sinbad. I hope you have a good rest of your night (Y/N).", he said, departing from where the duo sat.
"You wish he stayed longer don't you?", Sharrkan asked.
"I do not!"
"Yes you do."
"Do not!"
"Do too."

The two continued their back-and-forth argument.
The woman grew increasingly tired as their conversation continued. After every words that passed her lips, her eyelids fell more and more.

"Yeah, she's out like a light.", Sharrkan explained to the man.
"I'll take her to her room.", Ja'far quickly offered.
"Oh? Why are you so quick to take action?", the cheeky man asked.
"No reason.", Ja'far stated, picking up the woman to take her to her room.
"Do you like (Y/N)?", he questioned.
"My personal feelings don't concern you."
"I'm going to take that as a yes.", Sharrkan said, raising his hand to rest behind his head as he began to walk off, leaving the two alone.
"Ja'far...", the woman whispered in her sleep. The man stopped walking, and looked down at the woman in his arms.
'Did she say my name?'
"I love you...", she whispered once more, smiling softly; she huddled closer to the man.
"I...love you too.", he said, knowing the woman won't be able to remember their confession.
He continued walking.
'How can someone so serious, become so innocent when under the influence of alcohol?', he thought to himself, continuing his journey to the woman's room.

This was a request! I'm not sure if this is as innocent as you wanted, but I hope you like it nonetheless!
Maybe I should wright a drunk Ja'far story soon.

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