|Just a Feeling| Slightly Jealous Ja'far x Reader

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Ja'far had been looking for (Y/N) for around 30 minutes. He'd checked in her office, he'd checked the training grounds, and he's asked people in the palace if they had seen the woman, but to no avail, not one person has seen her.
Ja'far was about to give up on his search, until he noticed a person laying out in the middle of the flower garden located in the palace.
'Could that be (Y/N)?', he thought to himself, quickly walking down to where she was located.
As the man neared (Y/N), he had to stop himself from yelling out her name.
The woman was sleeping peacefully, blissfully disregarding her duties.
Ja'far walked closer to the woman, and noticed another being beside her, cuddled up to the woman's chest.
'Aladdin?', the man thought to himself, shocked to see that the boy was comfortably in the position.
Ja'far was feeling slightly jealous. He should be the one sleeping beside (Y/N)!
But, he had to put that feeling aside.
Ja'far slightly coughed, trying to wake up the duo. The two slept on.
"(Y/N).", the man said, trying to politely wake her up. She slept on.
The man bent down and slightly shook the woman's shoulder, and in this final attempt, he prevailed.
The woman slowly opened her eyes, and yawned in a cute manner. After rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, she looked at Ja'far and gave a smile.
"Good afternoon Ja'far. Do you need something?", (Y/N) asked.
"Yes, I need that paperwork from this morning.", Ja'far responded.
"The paperwork from this morning...", the woman got lost in thought. "Oh! Yes, now I recall what you were talking about. I just had one signature left to sign, and I would've been done. Aladdin however wanted to talk with me, and practice his magic against my fighting technique. So I caved in and went with him.", (Y/N) explained.
"I see. Well, if you would, I need you to complete the document.", Ja'far said, a hint of jealousy in his voice.
"No problem! I'll get it done in a sinch!", (Y/N) then shook the boy a but, attempting to wake him up.
"Aladdin, I have things to do."
"Sorry Miss (Y/N)! I guess I fell asleep.", the magi said, stretching.
"Don't worry about it!", (Y/N) sat up, and started to head to her office, "I'll get those papers for you Ja'far!", she added, walking off.
"Mister Ja'far?", Aladdin said, gaining the man's attention.
"Yes Aladdin?"
"I feel like you woke Miss (Y/N) up for more reasons than paperwork."
"What do you mean?", Ja'far questioned, giving the boy a quizzical look.
"It's just a feeling I guess.", the boy said, standing up and happily heading to the palace to find his friends.

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