!Requests Open!

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Hello sweet reader! I'm opening requests! I don't expect there to be too many, but if you've got one, follow the key below!

1. It must be a Ja'far x Reader! (If you truly would like a story on another character, I'll think about making a one shot book on all Magi characters!)

2. It can be any age Ja'far. (Assassin boi, to grown boi.)

3. State your scenario. (If you've got a promt, I can work with those as well!)

4. Specify if you would like a certain gender pronoun used, (ex. He, she, they. I mainly wright with she pronouns since I'm female, but I wish to be as inclusive as possible!)

5. I'll write fluff.

6. I'm slightly opposed to smut, but that doesn't mean I won't write it! If you request smut, I make no promises that the story will be good.

7. I don't wright x o.c's.

8. If I have any oppositions to your requests, I'll inform you that I won't write it.

9. If you have any specifics (ex. Blind reader, mute reader, etc.), include that in your request.

That's about it!
I'm just very open and in need for requests, so if you have any, message me!
(Requests come after my own ideas, and I make no promises that they'll be written with a quickness.)

See ya later reader!

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