|As Good as a Dream| Jafar x Reader Lemon

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The man shoved the woman up against the wall with an unforseen force.
The breath was slightly knocked out of her, but she still managed to find her voice.
"What about your paperwork Ja'far?", the woman said in a breathy whisper.
Ja'far roughly kissed the woman to keep her from talking any more; the last thing on his mind is the paperwork he has yet to complete.
He pulled back and a trail of saliva connected the two.
"Don't worry about that right now (Y/N).", he said, taking her mind off of his duties.
Ja'far lifted (Y/N)'s legs, and wrapped them around his waist. He began to trail his hands up her legs all the way up to her rear, giving soft squeezes every know and then. While letting his hands roam all around the woman's body, he began to land soft kisses on her chest, which then lead up to her neck.
One kiss made the woman moan especially hard.
"Found it.", Ja'far said in a husky whisper against her skin.
He began to roughly attack the spot on her neck. He kissed, licked, nipped, and sucked on the spot. This of course left a hickey that she'll have to cover later, but he likes it like that.
He dragged his lips up her neck, gave her a swift kiss, and started to kiss his way to her ear.
Once he reached his destination, he nipped at the cartilage.
"Let's take this to the bed, shall we~", Ja'far said, picking up the woman, and throwing her onto the nearby bed.
The man soon crawled up the bed, and loomed on top of the woman.
"Have your way with me Ja'far~", the woman softly moaned, slightly catching the man off-guard.
He obliged, and he began taking her articles of clothing off.
Once he reached her layer of undergarments, he looked (Y/N) up and down, amazed at what he saw.
"You're so beautiful (Y/N).", Ja'far said, leaning down to unclasp the woman's bra.
As soon as it was off, her arms subconsciously went to cover her breasts, a blush coated her features.
"Please don't hide any part of your intoxicating body from me.", he said, wanting to get to it.
The woman complied, and uncovered her breasts; she was soon a moaning mess, for the man quickly latched onto one of them.
While swirling his tounge around the woman's nipple, he softly nipped at it as well, making it go hard withing a matter of seconds. With his free hand, he began to fool with the other, the quick paced rubbing and twirling made the woman's core heated.
"Ah~ Ja'far~", was all the woman could say at the moment, her mind preoccupied with pleasurable feelings.
The man switched nipples and began toying with the other one, restarting the process they just went through.
Through all of this, the woman's hands scuffed up the man's hair, and her legs wrapped around his midsection.
He could feel the woman's wetness through her undergarments.
A subtle popping noise sounded as Ja'far let go of the nipple. He looked down at the shaking woman, and somehow, managed to get even more aroused.
The man brought his hands up to her legs and moved them off of his middle.
"I see you couldn't help yourself~", Ja'far said, pointing out the woman's soaking panties.
"Please don't make me wait Ja'far!"
This got Ja'far to a point of urgency; he started taking off his robes in a very sloppy fashion.
His erect member began to throb once it was free from the clothing, oh how badly he wanted to be inside of his significant other, but he has to hold on a little longer.
Ja'far leaned down near (Y/N)'s core, and started to pull the article of clothing down her legs.
The man's breath hitched at the sight.
(Y/N) barely had any time to react before the man's tounge hit her clit. The man hungrily licked at the juices seeping out of her.
The woman moaned furiously at the man's actions, and a tight knot began to form in her gut.
"A-ah Ja'far I'm gonna~", but as she said that, he lifted his face, and moved his body to where his member was pointed at her entrance; he could barely control himself at this point.
"Are you ready (Y/N)?", he asked, making sure he had consent.
"Yes, yes just get yourself inside of me!", even though the man thought the string of words as a little out of character, he didn't hesitate to do as she said.
To refrain from hurting his companion, he entered slowly, but as they adjusted, he began to move at a steady pace.
With each thrust, he began to get faster, he had never felt so pleasure in his life before, it was almost like a dream to him.
"Ja'far~ Go faster~", the woman moaned, she brought her legs around the man and pulled him closer, seemingly beging for the intamacy.
The man let out a few grunts as he picked up his pace, and the woman responded with the same amount of vocal activity.
They were both lost in the pleasure.
"Ah~", the woman moaned loudly as she climaxed.
Ha'far could feel that he only needed a few more moments before he climaxed.
He was about to reach his turning point.
"I-I'm gonna-"

The man shot his eyes open quickly, and he sat up.
He noticed the mixture of sweat and drool on his desk.
"What..?", he wondered alloud.
He felt his member twitch, and he suddenly felt like anything would set him off.
A sudden knock sounded on his door, and he quickly composed himself, or at least tried to.
"Come in.", he said with a shakey voice.
The door opened to reveal none other than (Y/N). As she entered the room, the man remembered the dream in its entirety.
'Oh no.', he thought to himself, his dick hard and irritated.
"C-can I help you with anything (Y/N)?", Ja'far asked, hoping to get her away as soon as possible.
"Oh! Yes, we'll I just wanted to check on you. You've been a little out of it recently,  not focusing on your work and all."
The man couldn't stop thinking about the sinful act he had committed in his dream, the woman's moans, and the different sounds replaying in his mind over and over again.
"I-I'm fine really.", he reasured, hoping the phrase would appease her.
(Y/N) looked only slightly reasured, but comforted nonetheless.
"Ok, well I trust you Ja'far. If there's anything you need just let me know, and I'll be taking my leave now."
Once goodbyes were exchanged, Ja'far quickly went to work. Hoping to not make a mess everywhere.

This was a sorta-request. I got two requests for a lemon, so I just wrote one.
I know it's probably bad, but it's my first true lemon, so I hope you don't mind, and can find some quality in it!

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