|Reuniting| Jafar x Reader

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They haven't seen each other in years.

The last time Ja'far and (Y/N) talked with each other, was when (Y/N) was a representative of her country, and was staying at the Sindrian Trading Company. (Y/N) was young, yes, but was severely trusted within the royal family. So she was sent on behalf of her kingdom.

(Y/N) and Ja'far were inseparable. They did almost everything together, from practicing their fighting techniques, to getting paperwork done. They did it all with the other at their side.

Sinbad had joked with the two young kids about them being a couple in a past life, and that had elicited a strong blush from both of them. Ja'far wouldn't tell a soul that he liked the girl, and (Y/N) knew she felt something, but she didn't know it was affection for the boy.

Sadly though, the day had come for the two to part. (Y/N) was called for important business at her kingdom, and she didn't know if she'd ever be back. When (Y/N) broke the news to Ja'far, he was saddened to no end, but he just had to make those last few days together worth it.

The sun was setting when (Y/N) had to board the ship back to her home. Ja'far had ran up to the docks, upset that the girl hadn't told him she was leaving that day.

"(Y/N)! Wait!", Ja'far exclaimed. He reached out and grabbed the sleeve of the girls shirt. (Y/N) turned around, tears welled up in her eyes at the sight of Ja'far.
"Why didn't you tell me you were leaving?"
The girl stumbled around for the right words to use, "I just didn't want to be sad when I left." Both parties were struggling with (Y/N)'s departure, but neither knew they would feel this...broken?
"(Y/N). Before you leave. I have to tell you that I-", the ships bell started ringing. That was the signal for the passengers that the ship was about to leave.
"I have to go now.", (Y/N) said, seemingly rushed with her speech. She walked up the ship's ramp. Once she reached the top however, she dropped her luggage, ran down the ramp, and wrapped her arms around the boy.
"Goodbye Ja'far. We'll see each other again soon. Alright?", (Y/N) whispered.
"Alright...Goodbye (Y/N).", Ja'far said back, tears threatening to slip from his eye. The young girl ran back up the ramp, and walked into the deck of the ship. She could see the rest of her friends from up there. She walked to the stern of the boat, and started waving to her companions.

Ja'far had stayed at the dock until the ship that (Y/N) was on, was no longer seen. His thoughts were interrupted with a hand landing on his shoulder. It felt reassuring. He looked up to see Sinbad. The teen had a sad smile on his face.
"Ja'far, I know you'll see her again. I just know it!"


Ja'far had been restless ever since the King had told him that representatives from the kingdom of Paiya were visiting. Once that name was spoken, he started to remember the girl from his childhood. Truly, he never forgot, but things from the past do tend to slip out of people's minds. But he knew, that was (Y/N)'s home. Maybe, just maybe, (Y/N) would be apart of the fleet.

(Y/N) had been nervously excited once she found out that her country was sending a ship to go and refresh ties with Sindria. The last time Paiya had been in contact with the kingdom, was when it was still a trading company. The Paiya Empire had unintentionally cut relationships with most of their trade partners due to a war that broke out between the Paiya and neighboring countries. (Y/N) hoped beyond all hopes that Ja'far would be there. Just the thought of seeing him again helped (Y/N) make it through the battles.

"King Sinbad! The ship from the Paiya Empire has been spotted. It's estimated arrival is one hour.", a guard said, bowing to the King of Sindria.
"Brilliant! We'll head to the docks in due time.", the King then called for a maid to inform the generals.

The ship had reached the dock, and halted to a stop. A wooden ramp came down, and guards started to file down to solid ground. In the middle of the men however, were two women. One being the second princess of Paiya, and the other being the royal adviser. Once the soldiers parted, King Sinbad greeted the two with a fond welcome.
"Princess Arabella! Welcome to our Kingdom!", the man then turned to the other woman. He couldn't pin who this person was.
"May I ask your name Miss...?"
"My name is (Y/N). It has been a long time Sinbad.", (Y/N) then bowed to the King.
"(Y/N)! My is it really you?", the King gained a surprised look on his face.
"It is.", the woman had a smile on her face.
"What a surprise! Well then.", Sinbad looked back to the Princess, "Princess. Let me introduce you to my generals. Then we'll head to the palace!" Sinbad pointed at, and named each of his generals. He finally reached the last of them all.
"And this is Ja'far. He is my right-hand man.", at this, (Y/N) looked into the face of her childhood friend, and he stared back. They couldn't believe it. They were finally reunited!
"Let us head to the palace, shall we Princess?", Sinbad held his hand out to Arabella, and she took it with grace. The generals followed behind the two, and Ja'far and (Y/N) were still standing at the dock. A flurry of emotions in their eyes. Ja'far made the first move, and walked toward the woman.
"(Y/N)? Is it truly you?"
"It is Ja'far", as (Y/N) started to fully remember all of the times they shared, joyous tears pricked her eyes.

"I told you we'd see each other again!"

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