|Trick-or-Treating| Young Ja'far x Young Reader

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"Come on Ja'far! Let's hurry to the next house!", a young girl said to the boy next to her, grabbing his arm and dragging him behind her.
"(Y-Y/N), slow down! You might rip my costume!", Ja'far exclaimed, slightly blushing at the contact.
"Oh hush wolfy! It'll be okay!", (Y/N) said excitedly, her red hood flowing behind her as she ran up to the next house.
"You can ring this doorbell since I rung the last one.", (Y/N) stated.
The boy sighed, and walked up to the door, his friend followed closely behind.
Ja'far brought his hand up and rang the bell to a particularly rich looking house.
The boy stepped back as he waited for the occupant of the house to open the door.
A few moments go by, and then suddenly, the large door swung open to reveal a lady in a 80's get-up.
"Oh hello little ones! Yall's costumes are just the cutest!", the lady exclaimed, reaching for a candy bowl beside the door.
"Thank you ma'am! I'm Little Red Riding Hood, and my friend is the Big Bad Wolf!", (Y/N) said with enthusiasm.
"How adorable!", the woman complimented, she stood there with the bowl.
It was filled with the largest candy bars the duo had ever seen.
"Now what do you say children?", the lady asked, waiting to hear the phrase.
"Trick or treat!", both (Y/N) and Ja'far said.
"Delightful! You two may pick one.", she held down the bowl to their grabbing level.
"Woah.", Ja'far said, barely above a whisper.
"I'm gonna get a Hershey bar!", (Y/N) happily said. She reached to get it, but stopped when her hand landed on Ja'far's hand.
"O-oh (Y/N) uh. You can have it.", Ja'far said, his blush was about as red as (Y/N)'s hood.
"Thanks Ja'far!", (Y/N) took the candy, and put it in her pillowcase.
"I'll take a snickers ma'am.", the boy politely said, taking one of the treats.
He turned around, after getting his prize, and noticed that (Y/N) was already down to the sidewalk.
"(Y/N)! Wait up!", Ja'far yellled, running down the steps of the house.
"How cute.", the lady said as she watched the two walk off. The woman walked back into her home to wait for more Trick-or-Treaters.

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