|Pink Rukh| Ja'far x Reader

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(Y/N) had just arrived back at Sindria from visiting her home country.
Her first course of action was to greet her closest companion, Ja'far. They hadn't seen each other in a few months, and the thought of seeing him again delighted her.
(Y/N) walked through the halls of the palace with an air of expertise, and went directly to Ja'far's office.
When she arrived at the room, (Y/N) heard the voice of her King, King Sinbad.
'This means I can let them both know I have returned.', (Y/N) thought with a smile. The woman proceeded to knock on the door to the office.
A silence was heard, followed by a, "Come in."
With ease, (Y/N) opened the door and was shocked to see three other people besides Sinbad, and Ja'far.
A young boy with blue hair, an older boy with bright yellow hair, and a girl with pink hair.
"I wasn't expecting you three.", (Y/N) said to no one in particular.
The King wasted no time in greeting the woman, "(Y/N)! You are back safe and sound!" Sinbad greeted her with his ever exuberant voice.
"I'm glad you have returned safely   (Y/N)", Ja'far said with a small smile on his face.
"Thank you for the warm welcome King Sinbad and Ja'far. But, may I ask who our guests are?"
"Ah! I almost forgot! Aladdin, Alibaba, Morgiana, this is (Y/N)!", Sinbad turned to the woman, "And (Y/N), this is Aladdin, Alibaba, and Morgiana!"
"It is very nice to be acquainted with you.", (Y/N) said toward the trio.
"It's nice to meet you Miss (Y/N)!", Aladdin said, sloppily walking over to the woman.
"Are you OK Ala- Ah!", (Y/N) was inturupted when the young boy jumped to her chest, and started toying with her breasts.
"Aladdin! You can't just do that to someone you just met!", Alibaba said frantically.
"Get...off!", (Y/N) said with a bright blush on her face.
Ja'far was upset with the situation, and quickly sat up from his desk. He strode over to where Aladdin and    (Y/N) were.
"Aladdin, can you please let go of      (Y/N)."
Ja'far's statement stopped the young boy, and he quickly let go of the woman.
"Oh! Sorry Ja'far! I didn't know that you two were in a relationship!"
At that, Ja'far's demeanor changed from upset, and agitated, to flustered, and shocked. (Y/N) simply gained a darker shade of red on her face.
"We aren't in a relationship Aladdin.", (Y/N) said.
"But you have to be! The Rukh are all pink."
The woman was about to say something, but then stopped herself.
"You can see the Rukh? I thought only Magi could do that."
"(Y/N), Aladdin is a Magi.", Sinbad said.
"But aren't there already three of them?"
"Yes, but we will discuss that at a later time."
"Huh. Well...", there were a few moments of silence, "I guess I'll be on my way then! I still have to unpack all of my luggage from the voyage. And also...", (Y/N) slung her arm around Ja'far, "...we are pretty close, and Ja'far is important to me, so be kind to him you three."
The woman then whispered into the man's ear.
"See you guys at dinner!", (Y/N) said, leaving the room.

"What did she say Ja'far?", Sinbad asked the man with a smirk on his face.
"Uh...she said...", he held up his sleeve to hide the lower part of his face, "All she said was 'The Rukh were pink."

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