|Childlike Magic| Ja'far x Reader

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(Y/N) was sitting at her desk, doing the work assigned to her by Ja'far. She was just getting into the rhythm of it whenever there was a sharp bang on her office door.
"(Y/N)! Open up! I've made a new spell I'd like to show you!"
Without even having being answered, Yamraiha barged in on the working woman with a generous smile on her face.
"You know I have to finish this. Mind showing me another time?", (Y/N) said, not happy that the magician came in.
"Your work can wait (Y/N)! This spell is incredible!"
Knowing that Yamraiha won't go until acknowledged, (Y/N) decided to play along for the time being.
"Fine. Enlighten me on your spell while I sign these documents.", the woman said while taking papers from the corner of her desk, and placing them in front of her.
"Ok, so what this spell does, is turn the target into a child! And I've been working on it for a while, so I was wondering if you'd like to try it out!", Yamraiha said, looking at (Y/N) innocently.
"No.", (Y/N) responded bluntly.
"Why not?", Yamraiha gained a pouting stare.
"Because I have things to do. Why don't you try it on someone else that isn't busy?", the woman said, not looking up from her papers.
"Besides. I highly doubt your spell will work right. Age altering spells? I've only heard of a few and they didn't turn out well. And like you'd be able to pull it off.", (Y/N) said the last sentence quietly. She shot up an eye to see why Yamraiha hadn't responded, and to her surprise, the end of the magician's staff was in her face.
"I'll show you (Y/N)! Tempus iuvenis!"
A white fog surrounded (Y/N), and started to clear after a few minutes. When the fog was completely gone, a child, seemingly about five or six, stood in the place of the adult.
"Yamraiha? Why are you so tall?", (Y/N) said in a small childish voice.
"Aww! (Y/N)! You're so adorable!", Yamraiha said.
"What are you talking about?", the now young girl asked.
"My spell worked! You look like a little kid!", as the woman said that, she picked up (Y/N) and held her in front of the large mirror in the room.
"What! Yamraiha! I have stuffs to do!", little (Y/N) choked out. She started tearing up.
"(Y/N)! Don't cry!", Yamraiha said, trying to improve the girls mood.
"No! Let me go!", the younger one stated. She started kicking around and managed to get out of the grasp of the woman. As soon as her feet hit the floor, little (Y/N) ran out of the room, and sprinted down the hall.
'Where do I go now? Hmm...Ah! I'll tell Sinbad! He'll teach that meanie Yamraiha for me!', as this thought crossed her mind, she pushed her tiny legs to go faster. All she had to do is get to Sinbad!
Speaking of the devil, (Y/N) turned a corner and saw the older man leaving his room, and walking in the opposite direction from her.
"Sinbad!", (Y/N) shouted, grabbing the attention of said man. The man turned his head and was surprised to see a child in the palace.
"Why hello little one! How did you get into the...", the man cut himself off as the girl ran up to him and grabbed the cloth near his feet. This girl seemed very familiar...
"What is your name?", Sinbad said, picking up the girl, and wiping away the tears streaming down her face.
"You shouldn't has to ask that! It's me! (Y/N)!", as (Y/N) said that, the man was struck with the realization.
"How did this happen? Are you ok (Y/N)?", Sinbad questioned.
"It was all Yam! She made me child! Now I is can't do the work Ja'far gave me to do!", (Y/N) said with a blush on her cheeks from saying the name of her long time crush.
"Was that a blush (Y/N)?", Sinbad asked the girl with a smile on his face.
"No! It wasn't! And that isn't important! I just needs you to help me with Yam, and with my work!", (Y/N) said, her blush raising from the question.
"Hahahah!", Sinbad gave a hearty laugh.
"Well. We'll get Yamraiha back later, but for now, I'll tell Ja'far that you are sick, and will continue your work at a later time. How does that sound?" (Y/N)'s face lit up at his plan.
"Yes let's do that Sinbad!"

-A few hours later-

"What do you mean (Y/N) isn't feeling well?", Ja'far asked Sinbad. He began to grow worried, (Y/N) rarely ever got sick, but when she did, it's bad.
"I'll go and visit her."
"No!", Sinbad said.
"Why not?", Ja'far asked Sinbad suspiciously.
"Uh...Because she requested that no one visited her!", Sinbad started to get worried. (Y/N) said specifically that she didn't want Ja'far to see her in this state.
"I truly feel like I need to go and check on her.", Ja'far said as he started walking out the room.
"Oh?", Sinbad said, stopping Ja'far.
'Maybe if I question him, it'll keep him here till (Y/N) gets better...'
"Did you need something?", Ja'far asked. He was wringing his hands in his sleeves, he had to hurry and check on his crush!
"Nothing, nothing...just that...you seem very concerned about (Y/N).", Ja'far saw that suggestive smirk Sinbad wore.
"I'm just concerned is all! We don't need anyone getting sick!", Ja'far blushed deeply. He huffed and started heading out the room's door.
"I'll be back, don't mess up any of my paperwork.", Jafar said to Sinbad. He left and started heading towards (Y/N)'s room.
All Sinbad could do was sigh.

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