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Sirens Voice (Magi Fanfic) by Lonely_Tomato
Sirens Voice (Magi Fanfic)by Alejandra Lujan
In a small village in the country of the Parthevian Empire, was two young teens waiting for an adventure to arise. One was Sinbad who's dream is to create a new country...
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Ja'far x Reader (Oneshot Book) by harmlessassassin
Ja'far x Reader (Oneshot Book)by harmlessassassin
This book is a collection of Ja'far x Reader stories that I just so happen to think up. If you have a request, let me know! We always need more Ja'far in our lives!
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Sinbad X Reader by Squ_id
Sinbad X Readerby Squid
(Y/n) was a well known princess from the kingdom (k/n). After bandits took over the kingdom, (y/n)'s parents got her to a boat to sail off. Her parents nor anyone else f...
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Ja'far x Reader (one-shot collection) by Magifanficqueen
Ja'far x Reader (one-shot Magi Fanfics
More Ja'far x reader one-shots, both new and revised from the last book. Enjoy.
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Reckless!   {SnB! Ja'far x Reader} by LeonaBot
Reckless! {SnB! Ja'far x Reader}by Lulu O's
A story that transpired due to some one shots I wrote! 10 year old (Y/N) had escaped from slavery when she ran into a boy around her age, messy white hair shielding her...
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 Daddy I Love You! //Sham Lash Vittel x Reader\\ by Mori_Moons
Daddy I Love You! //Sham Lash Mori Moon🌙
Just A DDLG fanfic. I dont know I just wanted to get this out of my head. I know people are into this kind of stuff and I know alot of Magi fans love Vittel! <If you...
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MAGI X READER ONESHOTS [HIATUS]by kaleb, lord of the gay chicke...
I have no idea what I'm doing with my life at this point..ksks
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Girl I hated from the start(Ja'far X Reader)DISCONTINUED  by onesaltyprezal
Girl I hated from the start(Ja' onesaltyprezal
Heeeyo!!!Guess what!!!!This is the new story!!!! "(Y/n)was living on the streets because she was an orphan.She would have jobs at the docks to get money for food.Bu...
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The Whispering Flame {SnB Ja'far x Reader} by kjoarthur
The Whispering Flame {SnB Ja'far kjoarthur
Ja'far finds a slave girl, but how does she impact his life so greatly? He has so many new feelings it's hard to believe. He wants to protect her, but he always has his...
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Fate's Design (Yunan x Reader) by koonaNisMyDog
Fate's Design (Yunan x Reader)by Koona
The day a strange tower pops up near your village is only the beginning of a life changing event. But meeting a man clad in green clothing and long, platinum-blond hair...
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Falling and In Love (A Sinbad x Reader) by Http-Ducky
Falling and In Love (A Sinbad x 𝓚𝓲𝓷𝓰
(Alright, this idea is totally unoriginal but whatever XD) "(Y/n)! Did you clean your room?" Mom yelled to me as I was leaving the kitchen towards the door. I...
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Frustration /Teen!Sinbad x Reader\  by Mori_Moons
Frustration /Teen!Sinbad x Reader\ by Mori Moon🌙
Eh I got bored. Enjoy!
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Prince Of Sindria by AdventureHybrid03
Prince Of Sindriaby Rukh Caster
King of Sindria, High King of the Seven Seas, Womanizer of the Seven Seas, World Innovator, Stupid King, the man with many nicknames and a new name on the list was added...
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Love is a form of Hate [A Magi Fanfic] by Http-Ducky
Love is a form of Hate [A Magi 𝓚𝓲𝓷𝓰
'You swore loyalty to me' 'No, I swore loyalty to my King' 'Open your eyes, I am so much more than he ever could be. I am a God' 'Well than...let's kill a God, Shall we...
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Afraid of Losing You || SinKook by callmesinb
Afraid of Losing You || SinKookby callmesinb
[on going] "If only you remember."
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Drabbles SinJa (Sinbad x Ja'Far) pelusa, R-18 by AraceliNava7
Drabbles SinJa (Sinbad x Ja'Far) SinJa
Pequeños One-Shot o cortos de la pareja de Sinbad x Ja'Far. Tanto como cuando están grandes como cuando están jóvenes (SNB) Son del anime Magi:El laberinto de la mag...
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Amira [Magi/SnB Fanfiction] by __syumeiro--
Amira [Magi/SnB Fanfiction]by yume
[OCxSinbad] "I will become a man who can protect you, Amira!" Her green eyes never wavered, neither did his golden amber eyes. He was going to protect her this...
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Always There For You {ChariNina} by CallofWhiteFang
Always There For You {ChariNina}by CallofWhiteFang
Set in a High School AU, Nina is elected as secretary of the student body, meeting all of the unique members of the tight-knit group. Yet the student body president seem...
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anime shots. discontinued. ew. by slightlysmolweeb
anime shots. discontinued. the capricorn friend
anime included: magi my hero academia danganronpa nevermind, i guess i'll just ditch this one it's gone too far to save this is such cringe, i'm going to cry
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Gender bender romance?! (Sengoku night blood various x OC's) by IsisMorssinkhof
Gender bender romance?! (Sengoku Isis Morssinkhof
I have no idea what to write here, soooo.... Just enjoy! I think... Btw i'm not rating this Mature, but there are going to be bad words in this and some steamy action(ma...
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