With tired eyes I drag myself downstairs feeling drained from last night

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With tired eyes I drag myself downstairs feeling drained from last night. I shouldn't have agreed to go today. My body is aching,  not to mention the lack of sleep because last night I broke down. Seven months progress down the drain as I had a panic attack after being filled in.

I step into the kitchen, halting as I see Dad at the counter with multiple files spread out. He looks up and I see the stressed look before he can mask it like he did last night. I know deep down that he's terrified of what could happen, especially to me.

"You need to sit down," Dad speaks, his tone and face neutral although I know less than half an hour ago he was panicked. I sit down on the stool when he leans against the counter opposite me. "Has Rhys told you about his father?"

"The kettles boiled incase you want to make a coffee," I furrow my eyebrows, moving to the fridge as he sighs. "Sorry. I forgot that you don't drink it."

I grab a can of Dr Pepper out and close the door with my foot, pulling the top off of it. "It tastes disgusting."

Dad nods, picking up a paper and staring at it intently. I recognize the layout to be a police report and my stomach drops at what it could be. That's the police report filled against Rhys' father. All of these documents are involved with him and it makes me sick that he's trying to get out from where he belongs.

"He told me not that long ago," Dad nods and I hesitantly continue. "You aren't - still going through with defending him are you?"

He scoffs shaking his head. "God no. What he's done to his family is morally wrong and because of that I'm making sure he stays behind bars. I'm prosecuting him to stay for his sentence, furthering it now because I have significant proof that he's put not just myself but you in danger."

"What are you talking about?"

"He worked for some thug organization - although he never gave the name up - we think that he asked one of them to break in to the house to scare me," I almost fall off my seat, the link between the organization and Rhys could incriminate him because I don't doubt they would drag him down with them. "Then I got the photo saying that I need to withdrawal unless he wants to escalate to the third step."

"You're not usually up this early on a Saturday morning," He puts the report down and I tap my fingers on the aluminum can. "Are you going on a date with Rhys?"

"Laser tag with his brother and friends,"I respond having him furrow his eyebrows at me. "What?"

"I haven't seen the girls in a while," He draws out as I spare a glance his way. "Don't they like Rhys or something? I hope you're not ignoring them for some boy."

I try not to make my eye roll obvious. "We're going shopping tomorrow afternoon and I wouldn't ignore them for some boy."

"Is he your boyfriend?" The look on his face is like someone wants to pull a tooth out. He clearly didn't mean for it to sound so rude and surprised. "Because I'd like to know him better personally, rather than hearing these rumours about him."

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