Feeling my phone vibrate in my pocket I pause walking to check the message

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Feeling my phone vibrate in my pocket I pause walking to check the message. I move to the side and lean against the metal with a frown when I read the message.

From Rhys 🍣
How about we do it tomorrow then? Somethings come up.

To Rhys 🍣
I'm meant to be going to the movies tomorrow with the girls. I feel like you're avoiding me.

Pressing send I look up and around knowing that Lachlan's locker is around this area. I haven't seen Rhys since he told me about his father and I don't know why. I get that it's personal to him but he didn't have to tell, he didn't have to feel obligated.

I would have understood rather than be isolated from Rhys. Because I didn't realise how much I've relied on him at school. I didn't realize the stares I got or hear the whispers, he's like a shield and without him I'm left vulnerable.

I hate this feeling.

On top of that I've had my head almost taken off by Mr Frankel over something pointless as having a pen that clicks. I've had a shitty day which is probably about to get worse with the dance practice in a few minutes.

I want to find Lachlan first and ask him if he's okay. Because I haven't seen Nate around either which is concerning me more. If I have to I'll go to Jordan or just rock up at their house, although that sounds kind of obsessive.

My intentions are in the right place with wanting to make sure they stay out of trouble. Specifically Rhys.

Finally I spot Lachlan who bobs his head in the slightest to the beat of the music in his ears. I move closer towards him, reaching out to grab his shoulder. Unexpectedly, he reaches around with a death grip on my wrist.

My back collides with the locker, a hand securing around my throat. Out of shock I dropped my phone, staring at Lachlan with wide eyes. His widen as well and he quickly lets me go with a curse, pulling the earbuds out.

"Fuck. Are you okay?" He asks, retrieving my phone from the ground as I rub my back. "You scared the hell out of me."

I winch as I roll my shoulders back to ease the pain. "I'll be fine. My back got on a latch that's all."

"I'm so sorry. I tuned out," He explains further, I take my phone thankful that it didn't crack. "What's up?"

"Is Rhys okay?" Lachlan raises an eyebrow and I exhale. "I naturally worry too much. And considering I know about his old work, that's increased even more."

He looks around before taking a step closer. "I don't know what he's told you. But I'm not going to lie to you because I think you should know," He pulls out his own phone and goes into text messages. "A friend of mine managed to get the history of his text messages and those numbers were matched to names. Derek sent that photo to seven people that Rhys worked with, he found one of them Tuesday night this was the result."

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