"You know that you can't ignore me forever," Rhys whispers harshly and I attempt to concentrate on my mathematics homework

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"You know that you can't ignore me forever," Rhys whispers harshly and I attempt to concentrate on my mathematics homework. "I'm just - if not more - stubborn than you are and I need answers about the microphone you found."

I stop writing for a moment, shaking my head and focusing again. Who cares how far Charlie needs to sail to reach Carbon Bay? I loathe trigonometry and want to burn the book, especially when my mind is racing.

My dad's out of surgery officially but he's got to wake up for himself. I didn't really have a choice in coming to school unless I felt like walking back to the hospital. Which in all honesty I don't because I could really just lay down on the table right now and sleep, regardless of the busy cafeteria.

"I'm trying to catch up on what I missed this morning."

"Well you've made an error already so how about you give it a rest?" His tone turns snappy already and I close my eyes to stay calm. "We need to talk."

"Not now. I need to do this stupid math homework, attend these stupid classes, pretend that I care about my education, try not to fall asleep during said classes. Meanwhile my stupid boyfriend is pestering me about some stupid microphone planted by best friends stupid ass boyfriend."

By the end of my rant I can feel the tears pricking my eyes to the point I drop my pen, using my hands to apply pressure to them. I'm exhausted, mentally and physically.

Rhys gently pulls my hands from my eyes, gently grasping my chin so I look up. I can feel the warmth radiating from him behind which encourages me to lean back even though he's practically hovering over my shoulder.

His eyes flicker between my eyes and lips before giving me a kiss. Arching up and leaning in on instinct to his kiss I feel myself melting down from full blown panic mode. Until I remember where we are. Biting his bottom lip he pulls back, checking for blood while I frown at him.

"Was that meant to give me loose lips about the microphone?"

He looks back to me, straddling the chair adjacent after turning it around. "It was meant to calm you down from your rant, you aren't about to cry now. . .  I don't think you should be at school today - you look tired."

"That's what two hours of sleep will do to a person," I give a soft smile, eyes flickering down to his lips again before meeting his eyes. They're darker today. "You know that you constantly make sure I'm okay, I don't know whether it's cute or borderline stalker."

"I'd like to think of it as dedication. I saw you and instantly wanted you," He hovers over my lips and I feel oxygen being drawn out of my lungs. "It just really sealed the deal once you defended Nate."

"You wanted me-"

"To save my masculinity I'll explain but then you've got to kiss me for as long as I want."

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