Something I didn't realize was how close Lachlan lived to my old house

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Something I didn't realize was how close Lachlan lived to my old house. He lives legitimately two houses down from my old place. Or as he claims, he was moving that week hence the drunken stooper that night. It feels weird being so close to what I used to call home.

Threading the grass together I smile when the weeds works into a perfect crown. I reach across and place it on top of my mom's head as she continues to sketch out her latest portrait. The photo sits on the frame of our picnic basket.

"Come on Kiz I need to finish this," My arms wrap around her neck and she presses a kiss to the top of my head. "Once I've finished this we can go back home."

"Do you like it?"

She pulls it from her head and chuckles as I lay back down on the picnic blanket. "You're getting good at these. Guess I'm a good teacher, huh?"

"Just send me a text or call if you need me to pick you up," Dad snaps me from my stare of the house just in our eyesight. His eyes flicker to it with a soft smile. "Try to have a good time. Okay?"

"I'll see you tomorrow."

He nods and I climb out, slinging my back pack over my shoulder as I close the door. When I face the house I notice the flickering lights behind the drawn curtains but apart from that there's no obvious sign of a party. I get closer and hear music playing faintly as well as yelling on the other side.

Opting to ring the doorbell it takes barely a second for the door to open. "Hey! Come on let's go."

Nate pulls me inside and I almost trip over the mat inside the door that's got a ridiculous boo on it. I chuckle lightly, noticing the cob webs lining the walls with a few fake spiders in them. We barely get half way up the stairs when a voice stops us.

"Last time I heard you were in a relationship," I look at Lachlan who is grinning with a green tie hanging over a tight fitted black tee shirt. "Can I get you a drink Kira?"


He nods and disappears allowing Nate to take me upstairs. I exhale allowing the music to ease my nerves about tonight. I still don't like parties as much as I used to. I can tolerate them until it gets to a certain point where I feel like everything is closing in on me.

That's when I need to find somewhere isolated.

Besides after last night I kind of need the break. It terrified me how easily I was knocked to the ground by that person and if they had a weapon I could have easily been killed. Maybe that's my over exaggerating mind but I'm sick of being man handled so easily.

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